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  1. Just because something is more popular doesn't mean it's necessarily always better. Example, just look at Norton Anti-Virus. It is very popular, but, not necessarily the best. B haha its sure as heck isn't on CNET
  2. Or something like this Edit: Removed link to circumvent software regulations. - Matt LULZ!
  3. Yes I typically startup it up and give it a scan weekly if not more. Additionally I regularly check my processes tab and I know what every process is and how many I regularly have. It allows me to have many more system resources to do functionality improvements and have optimal speed which I enjoy.
  4. It's not free. B For those with morals no. Lol. However: *slightly frowns due to expense*
  5. Lol that AdAware is a step above malwarebytes due to its higher popularity. And bounds beyond SpywareSweeper. Best all in one utility = Advanced System Care
  6. Switching to Avast was implying that users should use antivirus protection. Ergo no contradiction. And point taken on the demand thing. I'm working on it.
  7. And AdAware is number 3 Which proves they're all excellent software. I recommend having them all if you have the drive space. Just on AdAware I recommend going to start - run - services.msc and setting the lavasoft agent to manual.
  8. Additionally I'd like an explanation in the MSCONFIG thread.
  9. 1. Phishing rarely leads to malware drive by installations 2. Indirect Logic isn't equatable to direct logic 3. User's should always have AntiVirus Software installed (As I agreed in my original post) However advanced users don't need to have it actively running in their background and can instead have it for when or if they get attacked
  10. No CNET doesn't do rankings based on total downloads but rather based on downloads this week. Therefore up and coming software is recognized quickly. Example: IOrbit's SmartDefrag.
  11. Best Virus Scanner = Avast Was AVG before AVG decided that it wanted to replicate Norton's hogging.
  12. I agree with the MalwareByte. It's excellent software and I have it in addition to the ones I listed. I suppose I degrade SpywareBlaster because it doesn't fit my style. I'm a Defend after attack type of guy instead of try to prevent infections. Additionally (back to CNET) AdAware and Spybot Search and Destroy are way more popular and have higher reviews both user and editor wise.
  13. Just double click your avg icon and make sure "Safe Search" is turned on.
  14. No safe search comes with AVG 8. It's built into AVG 8 and turned on by default. When you do a google search AVG scans each site for you and posts a green checkmark if its ok. Or a red check mark if it is phishing or malware.