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  1. Stopped and got gas after class. $1.79 for 87 Octane Regular. It was $2.09 for my 93 Octane Shell V-Power. I put in 9.5 gallons and paid $20. Last time I remember paying $20 for a full tank was in my old car and that was with 87.
  2. but make sure you do your research before buying anything. You have to make sure it's compatible and can handle what you wanna do.
  3. Well, I'll have another laptop "desktop" soon as I'm fixing my old laptop, selling the new one, and most likely buying another new one sometime soon. My new one had trouble with stuff I don't think it should have. When an Intel Celeron 440M and an AMD Mobile Sempron 2800+ can both decode and display High Definition H.264 video correctly (720p .mkv files to be exact) while an AMD Mobile Athlon X2 QL-62 using the exact same codecs playing the exact same files cannot decode the video quick enough to keep up with the audio, that just ain't right to me. Plus it's battery life is pathetic. As much as I hate to say it, this laptop is my final AMD purchase. I will be switching to Intel from now on even though I don't like them. Intel is just leaving AMD behind it seems in both performance and efficiency. The laptop I'm looking at now according to it's reviews has a 3 hour battery life with wirelss on. Now that's nice. The one I bought, hour and thirty minutes at best with the wireless turned off. Plus if my experience with a CELERON tells me anything, the Dual Core Pentium in it (which is essentially a reworked Core 2 Duo) should handle H.264 decoding just fine. Though I said in a previous post that it was faster, that was just in some things, I later found out it was slower in a lot of things despite being technically faster.
  4. There are 2 versions, the Radeon Xpress 200 and the Radeon Xpress 200M. The M version is the laptop version. It's an integrated solution. For budget systems back in the day, it was the king of integrated graphics solutions but by today's standards, it's not much. There are so many better integrated and more importantly discrete (actual Video Cards) graphics solutions out there now.
  5. $1.85 for regular is what I saw on the way home from work tonight.
  6. That's a very low end graphics solution that isn't designed for intense graphic loads. You need to upgrade if you wanna turn the eye candy up and actually have it run correctly with decent frame rates.
  7. I heard today from a co-worker that out towards the interstate about 15 minutes from where I work, gas is somewhere around $1.65 for regular.
  8. I was at that air show and watched that happen live. It was quite cool. The Air Force Thunderbirds were also there and that was a cool and deafening show.
  9. $1.95 for 87 octane here. Been that since Thursday. I paid $2.25 for 93 Octane Shell V-Power. For the most part, the prices are still the same but I heard tale nearby there's 87 octane gas for $1.92.
  10. I'm gonna order a new LCD to replace the broken one on my Compaq Presario C500 (C551NR) but I've never replaced an LCD on a laptop before (I've only ever replaced thermal paste in a laptop). On top of that it's just the screen and not the casing which means I'm going to have to open the screen casing up. Is there anything I need to be careful of and the other screen is literally broken as in something hit it and cracked it or rather shattered it. Should I be worried about any leaks or anything when I remove the casing? As it sits, there is no leaking or anything, just a screen showing rainbow colors in one spot and a big bright white spot, then just a tiny bit still barely functional in the corner. Thanks for any help!
  11. Twas not the same for me. Unfortunately I was not able to cast my vote due to time constraints. I was able to go after class on an early voting day and figured there wouldn't be a great deal of people there but every man and his dog had the same idea and there was NOWHERE to park so I couldn't go as I had to get to work. Well I decided maybe it'd be better on election day cause early voting is all held in the same place while my polling place on election day was at a church about 6 or 7 minutes away from my house. Well again, I was dead freakin wrong. Parking lot was full and the line was ridiculous. I decided to just head on to work as not to be too late (I waited in line for a bit but after checking my phone for the time, I bolted). I can't be too late for work as we are EXTREMELY understaffed right now and with the slow business my entire town is seeing, only 2 people are scheduled to work at a time most of time. Actually it's so bad right now that I was actually running the place by myself for an hour last Saturday while a catering delivery was being taken by another person. I feel kinda bad that I missed my first presidential election but worse things can happen in one's life so I'm not too hung up over it. I'll be sure to make more time to get in there and get my ballot next time around.
  12. Intel and nVidia are not all that fond of each other but Intel's X58 chipset does support SLI. It just depends on what motherboard you buy whether or not you can actually use it. Here's a whole thing on it in Tom's Hardware: Core i7: 4-Way CrossFire, 3-way SLI, Paradise? : Tempered Expectations
  13. oh my lord, you still have a Vanta? Good night them things are ancient. Man the oldest card I have in a computer is GeForce 5700 Ultra and it's not even used. In fact it's gettin thrown out and havin an 6600GT put right back in. Then above that, my old rig has twin 7600GT's in SLI and my main rig has an 8800GT and will probaly get a GTX 260 Core 216 soon. My laptop uses an 8200M.
  14. nVidia leads in discrete GPU's not integrated GPU's. For people that actually give a crap, more buy nVidia based video cards than AMD/ATI cards. The only reason so many run on integrated intel chips is cause people just buy cheap POS PC's so much.
  15. I believe nVidia is still the dominant GPU manufacturer right now. I know every one of my desktops minus the one my mom uses, has nVidia cards and even my new laptop has an nVidia chipset.
  16. thanks for the link! Got that old laptop runnin like a champ now. Completely cleaned out and ready for my dad now. Plus, it's playin HD video without a hitch (was hiccuping real bad before) and didn't lockup once while trying to navigate through video. Also it's much quicker than it was (gosh it was slow) but now it even starts up and shuts down faster. I used to put it into Hibernate a lot because of how slowly it started up. Oh and once it got into the recovery stuff I had to hit fn+F4 for it to switch to the external monitor. I guess I'm gonna order a replacement display for it off eBay after I get my next paycheck, then my dad will have a fully functional laptop with a spare battery and charger (my new one didn't share the same battery and charger like my last 2 did so it only has 1 of each).
  17. changed my laptop's again:
  18. OK, first question: How do you use the bloody thing? Question Ni (2): Can you perform the reinstallation with a recovery partition on a laptop with an external monitor? I ask this cause the laptop in question has a broken monitor but will be used like a desktop until a replacement monitor is installed oh say in the next month or so. It's my old laptop which I have managed to break the monitor on it (don't ask, it's damaged and needs to be replaced) and I plan for my dad to use. I need to do this cause lord knows the dang thing needs a recovery install bad. It runs like complete and utter crap at the moment and it just happened out of nowhere. Programs freezing, sluggish performance, stuff that has never bothered my desktop and things this laptop has never done before until the last month or so. So I need to reinstall Windows, but have no disc, just the stupid recovery partition. AND I have a broken monitor on the laptop that needs this done. Can I use the partition and how? Thank you kindly for any help PS, It's a Compaq Presario C500 (C551NR actually) with Vista Home Basic 32bit
  19. Got my new laptop. It's very nice. SO much faster and according to Everest, cooler running (though the bottom of it gets kinda hot). I had to get a load of bloatware off first. Here's the screenshot:
  20. Nice. I'm lovin my ObjectDock now. I've gotten used to it so it's not all weird to me now. I naturally go to it to open FF and TB now as well as Zoom Player. I'm debating on whether to leave the Computer, Control Panel, and user Folder on there since I don't use them. When I open them through ObjectDock, they won't open maximized and the Control Panel opens in classic mode so I just use the start menu to open all that. I'll have another new desktop to show soon as I will be buying a Compaq Presario CQ50-210US Laptop tomorrow. Office Depot here in town just happened to have the exact same one I was looking at on Newegg for the same price (I have to pay sales tax either way since I live in TN) so I can save myself $16 in shipping and a wait buying it Office Depot. I can't wait. Finally a mobile computer that can actually run stuff more demanding than FF, Office 2007 and Zoom Player..... again. My first laptop, though technically weaker, had a better chipset (Radeon Xpress 300M) with better graphical capabilities so despite it's lower RAM and slightly weaker processor, it could play newer games while the slightly more powerful one couldn't due to it's horrid Intel 945G chipset. I'm lookin forward to the Mobile Athlon X2 power mated with a GeForce 8200M chipset and 2GB of RAM (which I will undoubtedly upgrade to 4GB later on). It's not gonna blow me away as I'm used to my Athlon X2 6000+, 4GB RAM, GeForce 8800GT, SB X-Fi loaded gaming rig but it's gonna be nice. By the way, it's this one:
  21. broke the monitor on the laptop (dropped something on it) so I'm havin to run an external monitor on it at school. I only use it in one class and it's Networking I so I just borrow one of the unused monitors and this is what I have now (lappy's built in monitor is 16:10 widescreen but the external I use at school is 5:4): I'm getting a new laptop soon so I'm actually happy I broke the monitor. This laptop is pretty pathetic. Celeron 440M with a 1.5GB of RAM and Intel 945G graphics. It can't play the original Half-Life right and hiccups running an SNES emulator. What I'm looking at has an Athlon X2 M QL-62 with 2GB of RAM and GeForce 8200M Graphics.
  22. Just got gas today. $29 of 93 Octane Shell V-Power. That's 9 gallons. It was $3.19 for 93 Octane and $2.89 for 87 Octane. This fill-up was much nicer than the $40.25 for 9.8 gallons fill up last time.
  23. Actually other countries have the reserve too just not as big. While my Civic has a 2 gallon reserve, some other Euro Civics of the same body style will have a half gallon reserve. But yeah I get ya though.
  24. Just gonna Copy and Paste my post on your article: Initially I hated it for my main rig and would not use it. I had no choice with the laptop as it came with Vista Home Basic 32-bit and I had no spare XP licenses left. Though really I never had to many problems other than minor annoyances out of the laptop. There’s just a few things I don’t quite get why MS did. Like why does the image viewer in Vista lack the ability to display animated GIF’s? Why does the Photos screen saver only display the photo centered with no transition effects, while the XP My Pictures screen saver would show images all over the monitor (or over other monitors in multi monitor setups) with transition effects. Plus other little things. Also the dang security questions for each and every little thing. Actually that’s easily rectified by disabling User Account Control. Now I had some more problems with the Vista Home Premium 64-bit I had bought for my desktop. First off, it just didn’t work right, it was slow, it took forever to boot and shutdown, my Audigy wasn’t fully functional due the lack of full driver support, I had video issues with my favorite video player (Zoom Player), and a bunch of other things….. well I recently tried Vista again months after SP1 came along. I figured out my Video problem. I just changed the filter in my settings to the same one XP and 32 bit Vista used and problem solved. I bought an X-Fi to solve my sound problems (and god do I love that X-Fi). The slowness problem was completely absent this time, it even started up extremely fast and shutdown really quick as well. The whole thing is stable and runs perfectly. 2 things had prompted me to try Vista again on my main system. For some weird reason, XP Home SP2/3 never ran right on this particular system being slow (like taking longer to load FF3 on an Athlon X2 6000+ with 4GB of RAM that on the older system with an Athlon 64 3500+ with 1GB of RAM), taking too long to start and WAY too long to shutdown, and some program instability. The other reason is retarded but what finally pushed me to do it. Crysis. I bought the game without thinking. I have a DX10 video card but forgot Vista is required for DX10 (I know the game can run in DX9 mode but I wanted to play it in DX10 by golly) so I finally installed it that day. I sorted all my problems out with the OS itself in a day or 2 and ordered and received my X-Fi shortly after to resolve my sound issue (I coulda used integrated but I hate integrated audio). So now I use Vista on my desktop and LOVE IT! All my apps open almost instantaneously (I’d go make a sandwich waiting for Word 2007 to start in XP), it boots quick, it’s stable, it looks nice (I had 3rd party themes on XP but geez does Vista ever look better) and I just fell in love with my system all over again. My only problem left is the Windows Photo Gallery not being able to display animated GIFs. The old My Pictures screensaver was my favorite (I’d have it set to show my anime wallpaper folder) but the Vista Photos one stank….. so I just copied the XP one from my XP install and added it to Vista
  25. Only station I looked at today was at $2.99 for 87, $3.09 for 89 and I think they forgot to change the sign for the 93 cause it said $3.39. So Now I probably won't be seeing any $40 fill-ups again soon. Last time, most gas I've ever had to put in and it was $4.09 for Premium, cost me $40.25 for 9.82 gallons. I don't think I'm ever gonna let it run that low again. Although the car actually has an 11.9 gallon tank, only 9.9 is actually read on the gauge. 2 gallon reserve for idiots like me who decide to make a catering delivery in another town (or rather on the other side of said town in the country making it even further), with the needle just barely above E.