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  1. OK, now I've been playing around with virtual machines. I've got an XP Virtual Machine going in it but there's a problem. It doesn't see any USB ports. Is there a way to make VirtualBox OSE see USB ports? (trying to get it to see a flash drive)
  2. The only thing I've ever HAD to do was after the most recent release of CCCP, I had to change the render to the Haali Media Render in Vista. XP the default render is fine.
  3. Just checked this bookmark my dad keep on my computer for weather. It says it's 9 degrees in my town right now. I REALLY hope my cat is in the basement and not outside. In fact, I may just go check on her...... what? I love my cat. I also checked the thermostat downstairs earlier and it said it was 63 in the house. Glad I always have computers running in my room. Keeps me nice and warm in here sort of. I still were socks, long pants and a hoodie though.
  4. Malware removal is handled in a different section. Here's the link:
  5. And that's why I prefer Windows for entertainment. MUCH simpler. Just install CCCP, Open Zoom Player, set a few little preferences (in my case, I like to have the previous and next chapter buttons on my control bar and I like for the player to stop at the end of a video), in Vista, set it to the Haali Media Renderer, sit back, relax and enjoy Clannad, Soul Eater, Toradora!, Kannagi or what have you. Speaking of Toradora! and Clannad, My Vista x64, Ubuntu x64 and Windows 7 x64 installs on my desktops all have Toradora! wallpapers and I just finished watching 3 eps of Clannad After Story as well as having a Clannad wallpaper on the Vista x86 Laptop.
  6. but sucks for gaming and anime watching I'm just trashing Windows 7. It serves no viable purpose. My Vista x64 install (which I LOVE) is sticking around. Honestly, I love vista a lot. It's been absolutely wonderful for me. It's in-freakin-credibly fast on my main rig (while XP was embarrassingly slow) and still relatively swift on my laptop in x86 form as well as rock solid stable. Linux for me right now is just a toy to mess with and learn on. That and it looks like the GIMP doesn't quite like Vista x64 (It works but seems some of the tools are missing/inaccessible) so maybe I'll do some image editing in Linux until I buy my own copy of Photoshop CS4 x64.
  7. I think what I ought to do is install Xubuntu on my old Athlon 64 3500+, 1GB RAM, GeForce 7600GT System, and trash the Windows 7 install on my main Athlon X2 6000+, 4GB RAM, GeForce 8800GT System and install Unbuntu. Windows 7 is pretty well worthless to me right now so Ubuntu can take it's place. It seems Ubuntu x64 doesn't run all that smooth on the older system. It runs alright just not as smooth as XP does. Of course Ubuntu would run infinitely better on the newer rig I would expect since it's faster plus, I have SATA300 drives in it instead of ATA100 Drives (the older system supports SATA300 but my 2 SATA300 Drives are in the main rig).
  8. I thought I was gonna freeze my @$$ off this morning driving to school. It was 13 on the way there and it's about 19-21 now. Mind you I live in Southern part of Middle Tennessee. That's frickin cold in my book.
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    It's natural for the rotors to be rusted. Go to a new car lot and most will have rusted rotors. The guy had just cleaned the trailing arms though so that's why they are so clean. I won't have to change the e-brake but I will have to change the e-brake cable, which I have. I have to have new pads and the rotors are getting replaced. I just talked with my mechanic and he says that you don't actually have to change the trailing arms which I've always been told I needed to do. He said there are some tamper proof screws on it which is why most people just change out the whole thing. he's got the stuff to undo the spindles from the trailing arms so I can just use the ones that came stock on my car. The advantage in that is it keeps the alignment straight and I guess in my case, newer trailing arms. The ones I bought were off of a 92 Integra. I have to wait 2 weeks to get them on since my mechanic is booked right now (he works by appointment). I'm dropping it off the 28th and will probably drive my dad's Tacoma for a day or 2.
  10. Ya'll mentioned Xubuntu and got me curious. Looked it up and now I'm interested in it. I may have to grab another spare drive and install that and see how I like it.
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    Guess what. I say I'm gonna do something to my car and well: I'm actually doing it. Going to buy rotors and pads tomorrow, then call my mechanic and ask him how much to do the conversion and when he can do it. I really need to get it done ASAP cause that right drum is making some bad scraping noises now.
  12. Thanks to all the nonsense people heard, it cost me a sale. I was trying to get rid of one of my laptops on TennSpeed and one guy said "I'd so buy that if it had XP. Vista FTL." The IGNORANCE. I try to tell everyone I can that as long as the system is up to specs, Vista is GREAT. I mean vista is pretty freakin good on my older 1.8GHz Celeron 440 laptop that only has 1.5GB of RAM and absolutely wonderful on my Athlon X2 6000+ Desktop with 4GB of RAM and a GeForce 8800GT. Vista ran great on that laptop I sold. So far nothing about Windows 7 made me go "Man, I want that when it comes out". Sporting the same look as Vista with a new taskbar (which overall I was unimpressed with), a few new little features that I didn't even look at cause I cared so little, 7 just ain't stickin out to me. Sure it doesn't use as much resources but when you already own a gaming rig that handles Vista like it's nothing, then that's a crap reason to upgrade really. I did get higher framerates, but I'd rather spend $250 on a GeForce GTX260 and get 40-70FPS more outta of a game than spend $150 on a new OS to get 8-12FPS more. Like I said, when I build a new rig MUCH later on, it'll have 7 on it, but for now Vista is fine.
  13. Yep. Turned it on. Did a Safely Remove Hardware, turned it off. Hooked it up to the Linux machine, turned on, instantly mounted. I have to say, that is quite irritating. Why do that?
  14. Problem is, one of the drives, I run in eSATA so there's no way to even do that. I do run it USB2.0 at my anime club and on my laptop (as well as this Linux box) but as far as I know, it's been properly removed the last time. My other drive is strictly USB2.0 so lemme start it then remove it then try it again on the linux computer. If I didn't have a torrent going right now, i'd just test it with the other drive. What's weird though is that my Internal SATA300 Seagate shows up on the Safely Remove Hardware list (and it's the C: Drive no less) while my eSATA LaCie doesn't. Weird.
  15. I'm running Vista till I build a new rig and with the way's my money's gettin spent, that don't look to be anytime soon. First is my car which NEEDS about $1000 worth of crap right now and I'm gonna do a suspension overhaul which is gonna be another $1500+. After that, it's probably gonna be a new laptop first so by the looks of it, Windows 7 SP1 could be out by the time I build a new rig.
  16. nVidia advised me to use Windows Update for 7 drivers and so I did that. Only otehr things on there were for my monitors. I checked nVidia's site for nForce 590SLI (for AMD) and there were none for 7. I installed the Vista x64 ones for the heck of it. No change. I installed the AMD dual core optimizer. No change. Nothing helped. Apparently Athlon X2 + nForce 5 series + Windows 7 = failure in physics.
  17. OK, I finished my testing with Crysis Warhead. It was averaging framerates that were around 2-7 FPS higher BUT, when physics got involved that's where it hurt. It Vista Standing at this one Point. The average framerate was about 44-45FPS. Throw a grenade at a shack. Grenade detonates, shack flies to pieces, framerate drops to 41-42 FPS then after the crap stops flying, it goes back up. In Windows 7, same place average framerate 50-51 FPS. Throw grenade at shack, grenade detonates, shack flies to pieces, framerate dropped to about 38-40FPS. Apparently under 7, it just can't handle physics processing like Vista. Also in the same area, I was running around tossing grenades at destructible buildings and on average, the Vista framerate drop from grenade explosions and pieces flying, was typically only around 3 FPS. Windows 7 the average drop was about 8-12 FPS.
  18. And now I've got the taskbar where I like it. Just changed one small setting and it's still way different than Vista, but no longer annoying. I'm still waiting on the installation of Crysis Warhead. It's taking it's sweet time.
  19. OK, there is less CPU usage and lower RAM usage but somehow, Vista still manages to open some stuff faster but some things are a tad slower in Vista but not enough to give a crap. I'll install a game (I'm thinkin Crysis Warhead) and compare performance. I'm pickin Crysis Warhead because it's both Graphically intensive and it has a good Physics workload. So we'll see what happens.
  20. Yeah something ain't right but apparently this rig with Windows 7 chokes when physics are involved but I had a friend say all his game crap had slightly higher framrates in 7 and all those games have a lot of Physics work involved.
  21. I don't understand why my results are always backwards from everyone else cause overall, my Vista install functions quicker. The only thing I noticed taking less time was the shut down but Vista and XP have shut down that quick before when I first installed them (with practically nothing else installed). I never checked my RAM usage but I did benchmark my main with both OS's and here's my results: AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 4GB DDR2 800 RAM GeForce 8800GT 512MB SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional PCI-e SATA300 16MB Hard Drives Vista: Overall 3DMark Score: 6393 CPU Score: 22599 Graphics Score: 5160 Windows 7: Overall 3DMark Score: 5070 (Much Lower) CPU Score: 4588 (Catastrophically Lower) Graphics Score: 5254 (Slightly Higher) and no matter what tricks I tried, I got essentially the same results everytime. Slightly higher Graphics results but utterly PATHETIC CPU results. I can't figure it out. Everyone else complains how slow Vista is and how much faster XP is and 7 too is supposed to be faster. I get the exact opposite effect on this computer. Vista is ridiculously fast and XP is slower than christmas and 7 is more or less similar to Vista. And I don't know why this is either but I don't like 7's new taskbar. Maybe it's cause I'm so used to the old school taskbar layout from using it for nearly 12 years (I do use the Aero theme though) but I got used to Vista's start menu (and actually loving it) after being used to XP's and I got used to XP's after being used to 95/98/ME/2000's.
  22. I don't really like it. Not much different from Vista and not any faster like I read. Everything is about the same, Just a different task bar, less annoying security, more annoying organization of the personal files. I'm bout to run 3DMark Vantage on both OS's to see if there is any difference between the 2 in that respect. Really, I think I have a freak install of Vista where it's actually FAST and stable. My god is my Vista install ever fast. My main rig was slow beyond belief with XP but after installing Vista with SP1 and a some updates, it was unbelievably fast, loading everything faster than XP and booting + shutting down faster than XP. BTW: Windows Vista Home Premium x64 SP1/ Windows 7 Ultimate Beta x64 Build 7000. Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 4GB DDR2 800 RAM GeForce 8800GT 512MB SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional SATA300 Drives with 16MB Caches
  23. Well, I figured ya'll would like to know this. I've been having more fun with Ubuntu that Windows 7. Man 7 is a let down to me. All it seems to me is Vista with a new taskbar and more annoying (with the organization of a few things, the security is less annoying).
  24. OK, Now I've found a problem. It refuses to mount either of my External hard drives. It gives me some weirdo message like the log file says improper shutdown and won't allow the mounting of either drive.