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  1. I would freak the %&*$ out if I was up on that.
  2. I spent money on myself and didn't feel guilty but regretted the heck out of it. Dropped $633 a new laptop (a crapload for me) and DESPISED it. I despised it so much I spent $100 to fix my old laptop and went back to it. Now I can't get anyone to buy it on TennSpeed for $500.
  3. TSO - O' Come All Ye Faithful/O' Holy Night (it's one track)
  4. Actually I bet Home Alone made them popular considering one of the movies featured the song Christmas Eve/Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells). That's where I first heard TSO.
  5. Made some new icons for my external drive shortcuts and moved them to the ObjectDock. I'm quite pleased with them. Just cropped some images and made vector icons all in the GIMP. I'll play around with making other icons. It's actually pretty easy to do.
  6. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter I'll probably be listenin to TSO for a little bit.
  7. Ok, now DisplayFusion is perfect. It's free and the wallpaper thing was all I wanted.
  8. Thanks Jeff. I'm gonna try the Trial but honestly, I don't think I wanna pay $40 for something like this.
  9. That article is old (relatively) and I installed Vista long after that article was written. So far, my system has proven infinitely more stable on Vista 64-bit SP1 than it ever did on XP 32-bit SP3. I've never had a single program crash in Vista 64-bit but had various crashes in XP 32-bit. Now, this system was slow and unstable on Vista 64-bit BEFORE the service pack but after the service pack and many updates were released, I reinstalled it and never looked back. And again, after the updates, all my programs loaded faster than XP 32-bit as well. FF3 always had a delay in opening in XP but opens instantaneously in Vista and ditto with any of my Office 2007 apps. In fact XP on this rig was so bad that my laptop using Vista 32-bit loaded Office 2007 apps faster (Desktop: Athlon X2 6000+, 4GB DDR2 800 RAM, GeForce 8800GT, Laptop: Celeron 440M, 1.5GB DDR2 667 RAM, Intel 945G). So far my rig has proven itself to run better with Vista 64-bit and nothing will change that. I still have my XP installation on another hard drive and I guarantee you it'll take longer in just about anything.
  10. .... Vista 64-bit runs infinitely faster on this rig than XP EVER did. XP ran terribly. I reinstalled it twice in hopes it'd run better but no. Things took forever to open, slow response from a lot of stuff, and instability of programs was prevalent. Vista 64-bit, everything opens faster, responds faster, and the system is way more stable. I've never had XP run so bad on any of my other systems but Vista is perfect on here. Plus DirectX 10 Crysis gameplay. Can't do that in XP at all. Plus, you can customize Vista in similar ways to XP and get a similar look to yours I'm sure.
  11. Is there a way to set different wallpapers for each monitor? I have 2 monitors and one is Widescreen at 1920x1200 and the other is at 1280x1024 and quite often, a wallpaper works fine for one but not the other due to the size differences. Is there a way to have them use different wallpapers at the same time or at least have them use the same one but handle them differently? The current wallpaper I'm using would work great on both if I could just leave it centered on the big monitor and "stretched" on the smaller one. So is there a way within Windows, the nVidia control panel, or third party software to do this? I see people doing it on Macs so I figured there must be a way to do it in Windows too. Thanks for any help
  12. I personally don't feel the need for all those gizmos. I just like having object dock to clean up the desktop some. Other than that, the Vista Aero setup is all I need though I do wish there were more 3rd party themes compatible with Vista Aero. I used to use 3rd party themes all the time with my XP installs, though I tended to use the same blood red theme most of the time. Anywho, new background for my desktop FINALLY. I had that Soul Eater one forever. I may wind up going back to it cause so far, it's probably been my most favorite wallpaper. We'll see how this ef - a tale of memories wallpaper works out.
  13. Not quite sure if it's the gas but I've kinda hit a surplus of money too. So much so, I'm buying my mom a new cell phone and something else, my dad a Blackberry, and my brother a 640GB hard drive for Christmas and I just bought a new laptop, replacement LCD for my old laptop (cause I already hate the new one and am selling it), and 3 PC games in the last few weeks. But only paying $18 to fill up as opposed to $35-40 is certainly helping.
  14. Honda_Boy


    Ahhh, that sucks man. I quit once from my job but wound up coming back. Now it's better but the job security is a little lower. We got a new owner back in June changing us from a chain to an independent restaurant (we got a new name too). The new owner is infinitely cooler (he also owns the lawn mower store next door so we've known him and been friends with him for ages) and has no qualms with us working an hour or 2 past closing and paying us the full amount. He also got rid of the stupid collared shirt khaki pants dress code. We now have T-shirts with the logo and what not on them plus we can wear more durable and less crap showing jeans again. He felt that collared shirts and khaki's had no place in a BBQ place. Our old owner felt we needed to look professional while the new owner felt blue jeans and t-shirts worked better for a small local friendly place that's hardly professional. He wants his employees to be individuals hence why he's never told me to shave my beard or cut my hair (oh I have the geek/gamer/otaku look going strong). Problem is the economy right now. We were averaging $900+ days ($1300+ on good nights) before he bought the place and for a while after he bought it but recently everywhere in town has been seeing less business including us knocking us down to $450-650 nights on average. So that's knocking us down to only running with 2 people most nights making it hard to leave at 8:15. I'm no stranger to leaving at 10:00 (we close at 8). About 2 years ago we had 9 or so employees with at least 3, often 4 people working at a time. Now it's 6 employees (and that's including the manager who does much of the same work the rest of us do). I'm scared that business will die down so much that our new owner will be forced to either sell business to someone else (possibility of new owner firing current crew and hiring new crew) or just close the place down and sell the land and building. I've been working there for over 3 years and have tried in the past to get other jobs and failed miserably and that's when the job market was better. Now would be a horrible time to lose my job particularly where I live. I wish you the best of luck finding a new job dude. Hope you live in a bigger, more job plentiful town than I do.
  15. Got my old laptop fixed:
  16. and after talking with a friend, I made another realization. I didn't need to even remove the screws to the power button panel.
  17. I took the whole friggin laptop apart and when I got done I realized it could have been much easier. All I NEEDED to do was remove the battery, undo all the screws under it, pull the power button panel off, and that's all on the base I needed to do but I took it all apart. And I removed the LCD casing from the base as well. I could have just left it mostly together and made it much easier (and not have any extra screws). It still would have been a PITA but not as much of one.
  18. My replacement came in and I just got it installed a few hours ago. And boy was it a PAIN IN THE ASS. And on top of it, I had 2 extra screws when I got done. I have no idea where they go. But aside from that it's working perfectly. I guess I'm just gonna throw the old LCD in the junk computer part box and take it to the next Hazardous Waste pick-up.
  19. Never mind, PayPal plugin was causing the problem. I just disabled it. I guess I'll just enable it when I need it.
  20. Friend of mine took this pic. It's at one of the stations out by the interstate which are always cheaper.
  21. $1.58 I think at the station next to my school. Man prices are tumbling.
  22. Saw a station at $1.69 yesterday but it was somewhere I don't stop at. Everywhere else was still $1.79.
  23. Glad you got it figured out. I just read my previous post and MAN did I not spell check.
  24. If you go tot he folder options setting it to show hidden files still loves some hidden. There's another option to hide protected operating system files. Those are probably what are still hidden.