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    Os Wars

    So far, from what I have been playing with. Windows 7 gets my vote.
  2. Good to see ya TK!!! Welcome Back!
  3. Happy Birthday Old Friend. I hope all goes well for you on your day.
  4. JSKY

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Xmas to each and everyone. HO, HO, HO, You'll shoot your eye out kid.
  5. I'm hoping everything works out for you Joe. We are all on your side and praying you are OK.
  6. Well then.. HAPPY BIRTHWEEK
  7. I Hope you have a great day today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  8. Hey you two!!! Have A Great Day
  9. I hope you have a great Birthday today!!!
  10. JSKY


    Hang in there Matt. There are allways people needing good help out there. Enjoy the holidays and then start looking. I know you'll find a good place to work.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have fun on your special day!
  12. Happy Holidays Everyone!
  13. Happy Birthday Bearskin!!! Hope your having a Great Day
  14. JSKY

    Halloween Card

    Might be a good thing JDoors. I have had the song they sing stuck in my head for a couple of days now.
  15. JSKY

    Halloween Card

    The wife ran across this card looking for All Hollow's Cards. Thought it was too good... Turn on your speakers Halloween Card
  16. Have you decided you like SP1? Decided to keep it? If you like having SP1 on your computer and want to free up 2 to 3 Gig of space on your Hard Drive. Open up an administrative command prompt. Click the Start Menu, type cmd.exe, then right-click on it and click "Run as Administrator." Next, type "vsp1cln" at the command prompt. If you select yes. All the Uninstaller Files will be removed. Remember tho, you can't uninstall SP1 after this command.
  17. JSKY

    Woke Up To This

    It's supposed to be in the 60-70s by weeks end. I'm mostly ready for winter. Have all my wood cut and split, that's all ready. Run 4-wheel drives so I always have real good tires on. Just need to put away the summer stuff and dig out the snow blower and put up the storm windows. Then I'm all set. But I'm still not ready for winter..... I want more summer!!! Marty... sometimes I think living somewhere where it never snows would be great. But then I would miss the spring and fall. Spring for the flowers and smells, fall for the colors. Joe... As soon as I can find your address I'll ship you a l
  18. JSKY

    Woke Up To This

    Day two and it's still coming down. I am no way ready for this
  19. I love those machines. They make some great bread!! Mmm!
  20. HAPPY B-DAY Mandy!! Hope you have a great day today!!