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  1. Thanks for the overwhelming response. I understand that editing the host file is the best way to go to block a website for my PC. But it is not one of the easiest or convenient way to do so. I searched a bit in google and found this post which shows one particular extension which does the job effectively. Can you guys have a look and let me know if this would be the best way to go forward.
  2. Hello everyone. I want some help from all of you. I need to block some websites on my Windows 10 PC. Primarily, I use Google Chrome as my default browser and my siblings also use my PC. So, I searched for the website blocker tools online and found some names. Now, am I confused about which is better and safer? And I have no idea if these tools work properly? 😕 Does anyone have an idea about blocking a website in Chrome? Or how can I block a website in another way?