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  1. i have tried gmail, verizon etc nothing yet.. had it for tonite.will try tomorrow thanks Mabel
  2. this has been goin on since the 19th, yesterday was the message from windows why I tried to contact you as I seem to have a continuing problem
  3. yes I did and while i cannot get into George's and can get in to to mine but after I sign out, I get another alert for a problem and have to signin with the new password
  4. Flash4: unable to get into gmail. when I try to open gscanlon33514 I receive a message to to into http:..support.google.com/mail/accounts/answer/78754 (failure. when I do I get a window that states to enter user name and password for the following server: smtp.gmail.com the user name gscanlon33514 then password********** . when I entered I then got a message from windows that this site was known for bank and credit fraud call them instead. they said was hacked and they would diagonost which they msy or may not charge