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  1. Thank you murtu52 and thesidekickcat, I really appreciate your responses. To tell you the truth, anytime I have questions and concerns, I feel more comfortable posting them here instead of G4techtv and Worldstart message boards. Even though I don't post too often, I read these posts daily. Thank you again. Will definately post more questions and concerns here. Thanks everyone for your help. Take care.
  2. screi, Thank you for your reply. No, I'm not pulling your chain, and No, it's not such a big deal. I posted this in world start message board thinking someone over there would have additional information. I did learn some things related to this, but it didn't solve the issue. I felt that with all the knowledge that's here on the board, someone would know if this could be done. I'm not as techie as most here and therefore I ask a lot of stupid questions. If it something that can't be done, I definately won't lose sleep over it. Will try not to bother anyone with stupid questions here. By the
  3. Hi CurlingSteve, I've tried that - no luck. It could be the type of mouse I have, or it just may be a characteristic of all mouse -- the normal clicking sound. Thanks anyway. Take care.
  4. Thanks Chappy and thesidekickcat for replying. I've tried what was suggested, control panel, sounds and audio devices, and set the sound scheme to none. No Luck, click is still there. And turning the speakers down doesn't help either. The click sound is still there. Oh well, guess I'll REALLY have to give people my full attention when talking on the phone. Thanks again.
  5. Hello Everyone, I was wondering whether or not there was an option to turn off the mouse click sound. Reason being is that occasionally when I'm on the phone, I play freecell (so I may give that person my utmost attention). They can hear the click sounds and I'm sure it's pretty annoying to them. I checked google, but couldn't find an answer. I'm using Windows XP. I appreciate your help. Thanks.
  6. mikex, Had to come back before I called it a night to let you know that I found the solution to this frustrating event. It was right in front of my face - boy do I feel STUUUUPID!! In the control panel, there's a list name entitled "Portable Media Devices". I created a shortcut on my desktop. Now, when I dbl click it, it shows the flash drive. I really thank you again for your kind and relentless patience. Now I can call it a night with no stress. Take Care
  7. Hi mikex, I made a shortcut on the desk top and named it G:\flash drive. I also saved it to my desktop. When it clicked on it, it just opened up a folder containing my desktop icons. I give up for now. Going to call it a night and play around with this tomorrow. Thank you again mikex. Have a good evening.
  8. Thanks mikex: I'm going to ask a really stupid question? How do I make the G: directory? Seems like more help I receive, more questions I ask --- geesh. But I really thank everyone for their patience and time to explain.
  9. Thanks JSKY, I just unchecked those. I was wondering whether or not it was safe to uncheck the "show window contents while dragging" box. Thanks
  10. Thanks Nerelda and mikeex. I was able to find the flash disk in the USB mass storage file. It was in g: directory (I guess this is the removable directory that comes with the flash drive). I wonder whether or not there's a way to create a g: directory on my computer. That way I wouldn't have to go through the extra steps to find this thing. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Hi All, I received a San Disk USB flash drive for a Christmas gift. After I connected it in the USB port, the drive letter isn't appearing for that drive. My OS is Windows XP Pro. I went to the website but it only had driver updates for Windows 98SE. So, for now, I can't see how to load files on the flash drive. Anyone know how I can see this USB device? Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks JSKY, That was indeed useful....going to print this out and keep by computer until I know these by heart. Windows + m will also show the desktop. Take Care.
  13. Thanks mikex, I do forget to clear my temp files, cookies and history. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. Thanks thesidekickcat. At least I'm not alone when feeling the "need" to scan every evening or so. Take care.
  15. Thanks tg1911 and tenmm. I guess I should discipline myself to once a week scans. I alway check for software updates, so I guess I can start doing that ONCE EVERY OTHER NIGHT Take care.