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    Ohhh, I am so sorry to hear this. I loved Marty's quirky sense of humor, the way he started threads with "Hi Team," his compassion with donating fixed up computers to Seniors and his expertise. I will deeply, deeply miss him Liz
  2. Happy Birthday, Marsh! Hope you have a wonderful day Liz
  3. blim

    Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone at BT's a Happy, Prosperous and Safe New Year. If you must drive, please drive carefully Liz
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    Owwww, Joe! Hope your eye gets fixed up quick! As far as cataracts, piece o' cake fix nowadays. Everyone who has had them fixed says the same thing, "Shoulda done it 20 years ago" Liz
  5. blim

    Happy Holidays

    Wishing my Besttechie Family a Joyous, Blessed and Safe Christmas! Drive carefully Liz
  6. What a great Christmas Present, Chuck! Congratulations and a Merry Christmas to you Liz
  7. Happy Birthday Bozodog! Hope you have a terrific day Liz
  8. LOVE little Jason! Liz
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    Heard that there were a couple places now offering vaccines 'to anybody'.....just before the snowstorm hit and the clinics were cancelled due to weather Go figure. Liz
  10. Good to hear it was a bit of a "false alarm"!! Liz
  11. Get well soon, Terrorist and obey the nurses and docs. If you can, keep us posted Liz
  12. Happy Birthday Dear Marty! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Liz
  13. blim

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing all a Happy, Safe and Blessed Thanksgiving. Drive carefully. Liz
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    Ohhhboy, Hitest! Hope Laura heals quickly, hope little Sis is spared and you and Mrs take care of yourselves, too! One of the kids' friends had H1N1 (she's a schoolteacher!) and she said the fatique is miserable. Thoughts and Prayers going out your way Liz
  15. I wonder if that is what happened??? Anywhoooo, found a Canon Printer that actually INCLUDED the printer cord! And bought it for her Birthday. Don't know if they hooked it up yet Liz
  16. Wishing Bearskin a Happy Birthday and a wonderful day Liz
  17. blim

    Hi there :)

    Hi Tom and welcome to Besttechies!! Hope to hear a lot more from you Liz
  18. My rarely used cellphone is a "free with rebate" Tracfone, butttttt my kids have "real cellphones" and this is what I've learned so far: DO ask your neighbors about which companies work well in your area. Verizon works well here but my Sis in KY had lousy service with them. She is using Sprint? I think? and when she's here in MI she has bad reception problems. Kids went with Verizon solely because 90% of their friends had Verizon and members can call and text eachother free. The local Verizon Store is always packed and many folks have to wait 2 hours to get waited on. This can be alleviate
  19. Wait!!! I resemble that remark! Noooo, only boys can be ol'farts, us ladies are the voices of reason Liz
  20. Whoa, that sounds tooooo complicated! I don't know how to do most of that stuff so I know Daughter would be totally lost. Thanks, Jcl Will scour the brains of the Staples guys AND make sure theres a good return policy Liz
  21. Dats the logo I saw, thanks, Steve! Liz
  22. Ummmm, okayyyy, real dumb question and I give you permission to laugh. I'm fine with that, lots of people laugh at me Looked online a bit and there were a couple HP printers that had a logo that was a blue square with two smiling faces smushed up against eachother. Is that the Mac logo? I know, I know, but I gotta double check! I HOPE she's keeping her idiotbox updated, but y'never know. Sigh. Liz
  23. Daughter requested a new printer for her Birthday/Christmas. She has an Apple Laptop (pretty sure its Leopard) She can "plug right in" at her work printer and she says it's an "IM"??? (IBM maybe? but its a big machine and likely expensive) She tried plugging into her brother's "elcheapo" HP and nothing happened. Just as well, he hoards his printer ink. She needs something simple--mainly to print College papers/occasional picture but probably not photos; and something that is not a big monster like her work printer--a desktop type. Doesn't need to scan, copy or make sandwiches. *I* need some
  24. Thank you, Darlene! Had the same problem and now I at least figured out how to clear history in FF Off to see what the ol'farts are arguing about..... Liz
  25. You were the first person I thought of when I heard about that on the news, Marty. Glad you're in a safe area and hoping the waves are too small to do anything destructive Liz