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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes
  3. Another favorite of mine to watch is a killdeer: They build their nests on the ground, usually gravel: The young ones come running right out of the chute, just a tiny ball of feathers on real long legs It's funny to watch the parents when you get too close to the nest They try to lure you away by pretending they have a broken wing so you go after them instead
  4. We've had an abundance of finches for the last couple of years plus a fair number of humming birds We had a male cardinal and where he put his nest, he could see his reflection on my patio door I'm surprised he lived through the summer Red wing blackbirds Out in the fields, they would build their nests on the ground. Pity the poor kid who walked upon the nest. They would gang up on you
  5. I hope they have improved the shutter-lag I've lost a lot of good shots with my old one
  6. I have a fair amount of Dewalt tools. I might go with Hitachi this time
  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes It was a beautiful day to cook steaks outside. Even broke down and had a couple of beers Have the kids and grandkids coming over today and we'll BBQ some chicken I'll go out and get my present tomorrow. Need a new portable drill and I know none of them would get the right one
  8. She has 2 pills she has to take for a month and get some bloodwork once a week for a month to make sure it's all gone Other than that she's OK and starting to move around the house more Thank you for your concerns
  9. Haven't really been around all that much. The last few weeks have been busy with my wife After a few weeks of tests, it was decided that she was to go in and have a lump in her lung removed She had it ever since she can remember, but in the last two years it started to increase in size. The surgeon was hesitant and tried to talk her out of it, or at least do just a biopsy. Thank God my wife is stubborn and insisted it be removed The surgeon came into recover, after the operation and assured us it wasn't cancerous and he sent it to the lab to be sure Three days later we get a call from an Infec
  10. I'd play it safe and back up what you don't want to lose
  11. Looks real nice. Now all you need is some pinstripping or some flames You're up in snow country. How about one of these?
  13. Bayless says a hour and 15 minutes
  14. Very interesting pair of wheels Glad you were able to get them
  15. If you don't want to catch Swine Flu, don't do this......
  16. Scrolled down Had a wine beer Forgot to scroll back up
  17. Have you tried JavaRa?
  18. garmanma

    I'm Upset

    Glad to hear that your dad is going to be alright It's one heck of a wake-up call, but like you said a little diet and exercise plus listening to the doctor, should work wonders
  19. Ouch! 6 weeks? Are you OK now? Are you getting around alright? Strength back in your legs?