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    Hjt Log sorry
  2. I have two accounts one regular and another work TextAloud works under my regular account not on my work account unless I RIGHT CLICK AND RUN AS DIFFERENT USER....... Is there some way I can automatically run the file as a different user without doing right click each time.
  3. Yea I dont have xp pro I guess you all are right CAN ALWAYS BE CRACKED Now I am wondering, Anyway I don't think your joking Should I set bios password even if ''remove the cover and pull the Cmos battery to bypass the password'' or as many said may be just use Win Key + L and stop being paranoid? My only question still is about disabling safe mode?
  4. ''how paranoid do you want to be?).'' You guessed it, THIS IS HOW I SOMETIMES EM
  5. Even if I set a bios password, Heres the thing I hibernate my desktop computer, hardly shut it down or restart it. The bios password will help with booting my system and safe mode. If I already am in Windows, the bios password is useless. I leave my computer on, though I lock it, Win key + L With XP Home SP2 I HAVE A FEELING IT COULD BE CRACKED HOW DO I STOP THAT FROM OCCURING????????????????????????????????????????????? Will the bios password show when I resume hibernation?
  6. Quoting If you set a Windows XP password on the Home Version or even on 2000 PRO, it can be cracked in a minute using a simple floppy disc tool. This is what I am afraid of.
  7. How do I set a screen saver password? This article instructions do not work. The password protect option is grayed out and my screen saver has no options.
  8. HOW DO i set bios password? Also how do I make users press Ctrl-Alt-Delete before you can log in? This option failed for me Salute before you log on Setting your PC so that it requires you to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete before you log on to Windows protects your computer from Trojan horse programs, which can imitate log-on screens and trick you into revealing your user name and password. Using the "three-finger salute" ensures that you see the authentic Windows log-on screen. To enable this setting for a computer connected to a network domain, log on as the administrator, open the User Accounts Cont
  9. Is there any way to (disable) and enable safe mode? I am going to stay out at college. For Security Reasons, I would like to disable safe mode so people cannot easily access my computer. I RATHER NOT DISABLE IT THIS WAY. How do I disable Safe Mode? (NT, 2000, XP) Windows NT, 2000 and XP do not have any easy way to disable Safe Mode. However, there is a way to 'break' safe mode temporarily. Doing this is not recommended. Proceed at your own risk! Click on the Start Button Select Run Type in "regedit" and hit OK Expand the left hand side to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Curr
  10. Okay, Internet Settings Keep Getting Changed makes be believe that some spyware is causing this MAYBE It might be a hijacker, If you can, perform a lsp fix: experts of hjt need to confirm lsp Run trend micro online spyware scanner if possible Post a hijack this log
  11. I know for sure, it is not bad memory or something physical in my laptop. I have followed all instructions, it is a bit faster; it still is slow. What should I do?
  12. I need a calendar program for school to put on my laptop and desktop, and I do not want activation;if it has that:fine to A while ago, when I needed to organize, report dates, I used a Microsoft Word Template, and it worked but creating that monthly calendar was difficult and time consuming, I also need a calendar that you can color code different things to get done. I need hour, daily to do list, weekly, MONTHLY calendar. I have tried all of the free versions, they are all **** I do not like the MS Outlook Calendar, just seems to boring to me annd in a mail program I had MS Works 7.0, I am o