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  1. This post above you better know what you are doing not just using someone else tributes & trials ! When messing around with the registry you better know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you know what you are doing. If you move, re-name or delete a piece of the registry or part of the system it may be gone forever even if you back it up ! My advice is to leave it alone !! But you can find these hacks by just googling ! But be extra careful if you do venture into the registry !! I have been working with computers back to the old DOS day ! Chuck
  2. I very seriously doubt that anyone is running these old systems any more ! This post was last responded in 2004 ...... Chuck
  3. Read this again !! Chuck
  4. Please make sure you are placing your topic into the appropriate places. Lately i have been removing a lot of them into their proper places ! I will start deleting them instead of moving them !! Most of the post are just advertising your place ! If you have a web site & want to post it here contact Jeff here @ Besttechie he will assist you ! Thanks Chuck
  5. Howdy shokoman, i have had a few of these that would seem like they locked up but when the user would just let it run it eventually would update, some would take a few hours ! In my opinion they are behind on updates which some are a complete system so it takes longer to run ! My advice would be to turn off your Virus protection & run the update !! Hope that helps, if not give me a knock & we will see what else we can do ! Thanks Chuck
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    back pain

    Howdy Gerome47 and welcome to BestTechie, we hope your stay is enjoyable & that you can contribute to our Forums ! Now with that said i have had a pinched nerve which bothers me from time to time, it has gotten better seems like with time ! One thing i have found is stretching the upper half of my body has helped me. Even when i go to bed i lay on my tummy and put my feet over the edge and pull the bottom half downwards ! I have to always sleep in the fetal position & when sitting to always have one leg higher than my waist by crossing one or the other ! Well good luck with managi
  7. My time is spent cleaning computers of Virus & junk over 30 yrs. helping people who can't afford $160+ for business's that charges way to much ! Yes ..... this is free & i do it all over the world from here & my home ! When i need a break from that i go to our casino in Wyoming !! Chuck
  8. This computer has been cleaned & now i will lock this topic ! If you need this opened back up PM me or any Mod ! Thanks Chuck
  9. Cleaned by remote !! I will lock this in 5 days !! Thanks Chuck
  10. Howdy and welcome to BestTechie !!! My name is flashh4 (Chuck) and i will be assisting you with the cleaning of your computer. Run these 1 at a time & post each log as you get it ! Work them as your time permits you to !! If you don't understand something, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification before proceeding !!! You can PM me if you need to !! Perform all actions in the order given. Please stay with us until we give you the "All Clean Speech"! Just because the problem has stopped it may still need some clean-up ! Do Not Remove anything or run
  11. This information is over 10 yrs. old, it would be best to check things out for your self ! Chuck
  12. Howdy zahidkk & welcome to the forum ! What you posted is just exactly what most people do, it's no secret ! Then if you still get "spam" just have them blocked by the server at your email address ! Chuck
  13. Facebook virus is a term describing malware that has been spreading via this social network by using different shapes. This is a common term that includes a variety of malicious programs designed to attack users on this social media platform. The primary goal of the malware is to generate profit to cyber criminals by stealing sensitive data, credit card details, infiltrating the system with the malicious digital currency miners or other dangerous cyber threats. However, some versions just pollute Facebook network and annoy its users. The latest scams noticed on this social network are red
  14. Having pets are like having kids, you have to make sure they don't get into things they are not supposed to ! You have to find a sitter or take them with you on vacation ! Can't take them into most places unless they are a "service dogs" ! Some you have to send to school ! They have to have shot's get tags on some ! Have the right kind of foods ! Get them registered (papers), take to dentist , have a walker for some, clean up after them ! No thanks i have raised 2 kids and assisted with hundreds that have called me dad ! Had my share of pets while growing up, So no pets wanted h
  15. Updates last night, make sure you are up to date ! 12/12/19 Chuck
  16. But also the moisture in the air can cause health problems, so not everyone may use these ! When in doubt check with your family doctor !! Chuck
  17. New updates, some computers will not update these automatically ! Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.476) 11/26/19 Chuck
  18. Will power, pure will power after 50 yrs. smoking i quit cold turkey. Threw them away the day i seen my Granddaughter born ..... that was 14 yrs. ago !! I used Gobstoppers as a helper, they are a small jaw breaker !! Chuck
  19. Repair on a garage door depends on what is all wrong with it. I bought a new one last year and installed it myself. It never did work perfectly until it fell down ! Then i called an installer to come and adjust it, works great now & it only cost around $1,000 including the adjustment ! Chuck
  20. Vaping causes more damage than smoking & it will be banned soon ! Chuck
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    New Members

    I see some of our newer members are trying to build their post count by commenting on some very old post, please don't do that, try and come up with some new post ! It makes for better reading ....... lol ! Chuck
  22. Windows 10 Update last night ! >>> Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.418) 10/25/19 Chuck
  23. Howdy ChinusGomes & welcome to BestTechie Forums ! We hope you enjoy your stay here & contribute to our community ! Here is a link i know works for a install of W10 ..... i have used it to repair problems with other computers ! Most of the time a slow computer while playing games will need to reboot or the site is slow because of the traffic ! I hope this will solve your problem !! Thanks Chuck
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    New Members

    If you are a new member PLEASE make sure you post your Topic into the proper Headings ! Or it will be deleted or moved !! Please post in English, Google has a translator for this !! Thanks Chuck
  25. Windows 10 Updates today ! Remember not all computers will update automatically !! Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus --- Update is important for stopping Hackers ! https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4517389/windows-10-update-kb4517389?fbclid=IwAR0K4S-vRX8k4fmSHAs_tzj9V_lCi_zZBTymPjobXnD3gUki2eI-VCJFHp4 Chuck