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  1. I know applications better, including all sorts of converters and other video and photo editors. So not really) Regarding the fact that I know a large number of different programs and software, I advise you to choose Movavi Multimedia Software.It can solve most of the issues with multimedia that may arise at all because Movavi's full-fledged software package covers 95% or even more tasks.
  2. For a long time I want to get myself an RGB light bulb, but I think to look at AliExpress.
  3. Wikipedia is a good option; casinos are clearly not.
  4. The tips are really good, but quite trivial, you can replace e-commerce with any other word and it will work anyway. One of the most interesting things in business that I have seen is the excellent Poster application, which simply helps a huge number of cafe and restaurant owners, which simply perfectly solves all the problems with payment and in general all the POS terminals that are available. I am delighted with such things that are as perfect as possible. By the way, it is called joinposter.
  5. I got a garage and its door in such a disgusting state that I don’t know how to live like that. Replace with a new one is very expensive. Could it be easier to sell it? By the way, no one needs a garage in Washington? :D UPD: I found a great comment from one of the forums, I will give here: "Well, what do you think, a comedian? I am sure that repairing is always much better than buying a new one, this is obvious, except in cases when it has completely collapsed. And so, just change the mechanism in some service where they can quickly repair a garage door. I can advise https://stigaragedoo
  6. It’s funny to see that many people gaining access in virtual reality are always looking for what would be interesting to look at the newly acquired equipment. One of the most interesting that I found sexlikereal, just look!
  7. Yablo


    What kind of nonsense? 14 years have passed, and you insert your advertisement here. Well, nonsense!
  8. Do you know this site http://fixthephoto.com? I came across his ads several times and now I wonder if the professionals use it or are it just advertising, for the sake of advertising? Just weird.
  9. Firstly, about .ng is a good idea. And secondly, save your material in all formats at once, when you need to use the desired format!
  10. Watch a lot of videos on the Internet! Especially for beginners create a huge number of guides and instructions!