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    This topic is now closed !! Chuck
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    Anytime hpg3 !! Sent you a private message ! Chuck
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    hpg3 ..... it's all good ! I'm right behind you in age but i wouldn't worry about the left overs they are harmless ! I will close this topic in 5 days !! Chuck
  4. I just deleted that post before yours N7xlq1 it was full of advertising !! Chuck
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    Download this program & run it ....... save it to your desk top for easy get to !! I can clean everything out with you downloading and running this program & post me the logs !!! Download OldTimer to your desk top ! Links: http://oldtimer.geekstogo.com/OTL.com http://oldtimer.geekstogo.com/OTL.scr If you already have a copy of OTL delete it and use this version. (Note: If you are running on Vista, right-click on the file and choose Run As Administrator). * Double click OTL.exe to launch the program. * Check the following. o Scan all users. o Standard
  6. I will start you a topic in "Malware Removal" and i can clean everything of "Incredimail" out of your computer ! So head over to Malware Removal & lets see what we can do !! Chuck
  7. hpg3 ..... lets see if i have this straight ! You had Incredimail installed and you deleted it & now you want to remove all files & folders (everything) connected to it deleted ??? Is that what you want to do ?? Chuck
  8. Pat, they have messed with a lot hoping to improve Windows 10 ..... we shall see !! Chuck
  9. Hey Pat ..... ok after doing some searching this might work for you to change from pop3 to imap4 Upgrading to IMAP from POP on Outlook Start Outlook. On the File menu, click Info and click Account Settings. Select the existing Account under E-mail Panel. Click Change. Click More Settings. Select Advanced Tab under Internet E-mail Settings. Off the check box for “Leave a copy of messages on the server” Click OK. Chuck
  10. Ok try this when you get back & have fun !! Step Log in to your account from the Windows 7 main Welcome screen. Step Click "Start | Control Panel | User Accounts | User Accounts | Manage User Accounts." Step Type your current password or provide confirmation if prompted by the User Account Control dialog. Step Note your account type under the Group column, shown on the same row as your Windows user name. If the account type is marked as "Administrator," your account already has administrative privileges and you do not need to use the built-in, default ac
  11. You prob are not set as Admin ....... In the (black screen) elevated command prompt, copy and paste the command below, press Enter, this should set you as Admin ! Watch the Spaces below especially after Administrator and before the /active:yes !! net user Administrator /active:yes Then try your Steps above !! Chuck
  12. Pat not sure on an answer for you on that change ! I don't use my email services very much so i don't have an answer for you .... sorry ! You might try Google ! Chuck
  13. Gotchya ! That is now the Command Prompt !! You may have to make yourself the Admin. to make any changes but you may already be ?? One of the quickest ways to launch the Command Prompt, in any modern version of Windows, is to use the Run window. A fast way to launch this window is to press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type cmd or cmd.exe and press Enter or click/tap OK. Chuck
  14. Not sure what "black screen" you are talking about ?? Are you referring to "Command Prompt" ?? Chuck
  15. Hi Pat, i use Outlook don't know why you can't use/get it, maybe try https://outlook.live.com/mail/inbox .! Or my favorite is Gmail >>>> https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjE7-Ku8bXbAhXmITQIHTtLBbQQFggpMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Faccounts.google.com%2FSignUp%3Fhl%3Den-GB&usg=AOvVaw1NtFUh8E7_Z5-F4ScIIrYg Gmail is what i use most !! Any other Questions just ask !! Chuck
  16. I wouldn't go that far ! No difference than almost any site on the internet, they use what ever you put out there for the prying eyes to gather & sell or use to their advantage ! Best way to stop it is get off the Web !! JMO.,................. But then again this topic is 7 yrs. old !!!!! Chuck
  17. Hi Pat, from what i have researched there is a problem with that 4103727 and most seem to have the same problems as you ! The best way to get rid of this problem is a Recovery system ! There was a new W10 system that came out on April 30, unless you have it i would advise you to update to it Version 1803 ( OS Build 17134.48 ) !!!!! Go to Settings >>. Update & Security >>> Click Recover from the left menu >>> Click the Get Started button !! Everything will be saved !! Chuck
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    Windows 10

    Courchesne, welcome to the forum ! Thanks for the accolade ! Regarding Windows 10 you can download it & run it for 10 days & then if you don't like it MS will let you return to your old operating system ! The thing with W7 is that MS is almost ready to abandon it completely that means that there will be no more drivers to replace your old ones if something goes wrong with them. Some of the programs will also stop working because of no up-dates !! Chuck
  19. Howdy Pat sorry but i just saw this ! Try this Open Settings > Click on Update & Security > Click Windows Update > Click Update History Link , On Update history, you can view which updates were installed successfully and which of those that failed ! Click the failed update you want to uninstall Link !! Click Restart Now to reboot your computer and it should be gone !! Chuck
  20. Yuck ....... not going to drink it just to clean my work bench Pat ! Chuck
  21. Glad you got it kinda fixed Pat, if it was me i'd reinstall it again ! I had to on my Granddaughters computer because there was no sound, re-install fixed the problem !! Chuck
  22. Howdy Pat & welcome to the forum ! Have you tried uninstalling the sound device, then rebooting will reinstall the device ?? What brand of computer ? Chuck
  23. 3:00 Mtn time ...................... 17 people visiting ! 4:30 ....................................... 31 people visiting Haven't seen that many in a long time ! Must be some good reading ! Chuck
  24. It is highly recommended to get your computer check ups at least twice a year just to rid yourself of unwanted junk & to clean your registry !! You may be surprised at what we find ! Welcome to Besttechie's Malware Removal !! Please do not run any tools or take any steps other than those that I will provide for you while we work on your computer together. Most often independent efforts can make things much worse for both of us. Please perform all steps in the order they are listed in each set of instructions. Some steps may be a bit complicated. If things are not c