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  1. A binary options trading can also be a possibility for earning money. A friend of mine recommended this platform to me. Well, I am not a millionair still but I started to understand some important things in trading, heh
  2. I would recommend you to create your own business. Even such a big sum of money can come to its end. So it is always a good idea to invest them in your own future. I did the same when I won in a lottery. I have bought a yacht and registered in a dubai marina rental boat where I am sailing right now on weekends as my hobby and I also receive money for that. IsnĀ“t it a true happiness? :3
  3. A is a good observer of other online games in casino sphere. If you are interested in such theme, then it is definitely a good choice for you. It might be at least, haha
  4. It can be, yes. Especially when you have a clear idea how does it work and which tools you can use. For instance, this site contains a useful information regarding it mining and other financial spheres. IMO, it can be a good source of data and information.
  5. I know good article website that might be helpful for your tool you created. It helped my friend as well when I recommended it, because it contains useful tips and knowledge regarding such system like Blockchain. So, I recommend you to check it.
  6. City to city movers helped me a lot when I decided to live far from my mother with over-controlling part of her character. Tired from that stuff. You are lucky that you were able to study in University and live with other students in special accommodation buildings. I, unfortunately, did not have that splendour opportunity.
  7. Thanks for your explanation! My wife decided to start her yoga courses. Gonna show her your post as well
  8. I have bad relationship with free-to-pay video editors, especially those, which ask you to buy their subscription after the trial period expires. However, I really appreciate the one I found recently and which is free. At least I do not have to rush on using it Try to check this link and tell me then, what you think. For me it is a good video editor. I just hope it will be useful for you as well :3
  9. Ah, good guys actually. Helped my mother to relocate her house last week. But they are expensive...
  10. Seems like I found a pearl on this forum :3