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  1. Is this the link you're using? It works correctly for me...;displaylang=en
  2. Alright, we've got a little bit of work to do. The first thing I need you to do is follow the instructions here to run Chkdsk on your computer. You may be experiencing a hardware issue, and this will attempt to find and correct any problems. This will be a very thorough check of the hard drive and the file patient and let it complete. It may appear to hang or even back up a few times...this is normal. 60 to 90 minutes is not unusual for this may take longer in some cases. Once it finishes, boot your computer normally. I may direct you to our PC Support section of the
  3. Hi, and welcome to BestTechie! I'll be assisting you to clean up your computer. The first thing I need you to do is follow the steps in this thread. Make sure you go through all of the procedures, and post back here with the logs you get back. Matt
  4. Chill out guys... I got this.
  5. Inactive topic... If you still need help on this problem, contact me or one of the Moderators to re-open this up. Topic closed.
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    Yes, Peaches thanks you! Also, anyone can post in this forum, so if you feel like you have something to add, go for it!
  7. Edit: I'm not sure if that video will play if you are not in the US -- Viacom likes to put restrictions like that...
  8. Or, you could look at the real purpose of the speech. "I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect ... America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition." "This cycle of suspicion and discord must end." "This is about preventing a nuclear arms race in the Middle East that could lead this region and the world down a hugely dangerous path." Reuters But talk is cheap. Get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, then I'll be happy.
  9. Islam is a religion. The religion is not our enemy. Right. Because he won't start an unwarranted war with countries in the middle east. I fail to see how anything Obama has done with his foreign policy has hurt us. In fact, I'm extremely happy to see a president reaching out peacefully to other nations. Pakistan had a female president. Has this "Christian country" had one of those? You're lumping Islamic Extremism in with the rest of it. I think it is QUITE unfair to make such a claim about any religion. I'm sure you wouldn't be too happy if we lumped the Extreme Christianity with the
  10. Alright, looking good! I'd like to see two more things before we finish. Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from Here Double Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application. Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Quick Scan", then click Scan. The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient. When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. M
  11. Marty, you need to download the boot cd and boot from it. From there, you can remove the Admin password.
  12. Inactive topic... If you still need help on this problem, contact me or one of the Moderators to re-open this up. Topic closed.
  13. Ok there are some more things we can try. Is this the only file that is giving you the error? Can you boot into safe mode and try to run ComboFix? Aslo, have you made sure your anti-virus software is disabled before attempting to download?
  14. So I had longer hair, but I got it cut.
  15. Hi Crashtastic. Please delete that download of ComboFix (Try the account your downloaded it in and the Admin account to do this). I have sent you a Private Message regarding further instruction.
  16. I use AVG over Avast for a couple of reasone: 1. I hate Avast's UI. I find AVG is much simpler 2. AVG is usually excellent at updates. I've scanned many files--that I knew were malwawre/infections--which AVG could pick up but many others couldn't. I've never had an issue with the scheduled scan.
  17. For quite some time now HiJackThis has been the standard "base tool" for malware removal. It's been the first tool helpers turn to to get general information about the system, and to hunt down infections. As time has gone on, new infections have come up, and old infections have evolved to become more difficult to remove. With that, new tools have been create, but HJT had still been the go-to tool to start with. Recently, the malware staff here at BestTechie have decided that it is more beneficial to start with OTListIt2 than HiJackThis. It's not that HJT is bad, it's simply that OTL2 is be
  18. Download ComboFix from one of these locations: Link 1 Link 2 * IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your Desktop * Next, rename the file to 19328.exe Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools. If you don't know how to disable them then just continue on. Double click on 19328.exe & follow the prompts. As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to hav
  19. Inactive topic... If you still need help on this problem, contact me or one of the Moderators to re-open this up. Topic closed.
  20. I used to use (pseudo-)random 63 character passwords. You'd need large tables And thats very smart, but most people don't. Also, depending on the hashing algorithm, passphrases of that size might start generating collisions? --in which case the hash could (possibly?) be found in smaller tables as a colliding passphrase.... but thats not really the point of this thread.
  21. Details? Quick search only turned up a relatively difficult to exploit TKIP vulnerability. That was what I was referring to. But like anything else, a PSK can be brute-forced. I suppose someone could also use rainbow tables (if there are any) to accomplish a crack on the key.
  22. mewi, a VNC client/server is completely legit software. There was no problem with his post and there will be no rule changes to prevent such posts. On a side note, you may be able to find some software or router firmware that can take logs:;btnG=Search
  23. Unfortuantely, WPA2 has shown its vulnerabilites and can be cracked, just like any of the other security protocols. But many of these posts are good methods in connecting to your router and keeping it safe.
  24. Inactive topic... If you still need help on this problem, contact me or one of the Moderators to re-open this up. Topic closed.