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  1. JeffroTa

    Checking In

    Haven't been here in quite some time. Anybody remember me? Just thought I'd say hello. I see a post or two about familiar names who've passed. My how time flies.
  2. I also had a socket 939 based system, but I upgraded it in 2011. It was actually an issue of looking into upgrading the video card for DX11 support that caused me to build a new system. I went with an i3-2500k cpu (Sandy bridge), an Asrock Z68-pro3 motherboard and Gskill ram. I have actually built more boxes than this one as I have different ones for different things, but this particular one is the all around general use, gaming, whatever box. I have aready upgrade the video card twice in this thing and it looks like I may be looking at doing that again here in the near future with DX12 comi
  3. Haven't been here in ages. For some reason I just thought about the G4 forums and went to look only to find them shut down. That got me looking around and led me here to find that, lo and behold, my login still works. I see some old familiar names here (I actually go back to TechTV days). I see Pete_C has been here but from the tone of the above post, it seems he may have left. Is there an active support/malware removal help community here? If not does anyone know where they have gone?
  4. I guess if anyone has seen the news you know... The city of New Orleans will probably never exist in the form that it was up until Sunday. There are presently 2 breaches in levees that are filling the city with water. The Army Corps. of Engineers are working on that problem now. Helicopter crews are rescuing people from rooftops in the most flooded areas. I'm still in DeRidder, LA now. Martial Law was declared last night in Metairie, LA. No one can go home there until next Monday, September 5th, at 6:00am. Then, it will be to gather essential belongings only and leave again for at least a mont
  5. Hey buddy, We boarded up Saturday and left early Sunday morning. Hope things go ok for you. It took me 12.5 hours to drive about 200 miles. The traffic was pretty heavy.
  6. I'm from Metairie. We left yesterday morning. We're staying with some relatives in DeRidder, LA... All the way to the west side of the state. All I know about home right now is that there is no power. I hope I still have a home to go back to. I guess if the house is still somewhat there and not too much flooding we'll be ok. Handplane, good luck buddy.
  7. I just had a coworker give me a ten day trial to Wow. I'm going to install and try it out tonight!
  8. JeffroTa

    Other Board

    Steve, I'm timing out at the same place also.
  9. Hello Suzanne: The quote comes from "The Born-Einstein Letters", Irene Born published in 1971. Although I actually got it from an article called "Spooky Actions at a Distance: Mysteries of the Quantum Theory" by N. David Mermin in the 1988 edition of "The Great Ideas Today, Britannica Great Books." That quote was written many years before the article that you quoted, back when the first unified quantum theory was put forward. Even in your article you can see that he agreed that the results of quantum theory calculations seemed to be correct but that there was no way to explain or actually show
  10. Actually Einstein didn't agree with this: Those are some of his actual writings on this subject when the theory was put forward in 1925.
  11. I would like to add two separate points to this thread. I do not want to give the impression that because I make the first point that I condone the second. 1) As far as obtaining software for free for strictly educational purposes. Have you ever wondered why Microsoft sells versions of Office for students and teachers at greatly discounted rates? TITLE 17, CHAPTER 1, Sec. 107 Answer: Because for educational purposes, you can use it for free. 2) If you feel that you need to download software, I would suggest making use of Usenet and stay away from P2P file sharing sources.
  12. Mine comes from a nickname I got as a kid growing up back in the seventies in a suburb of New Orleans around the era when Jethro Tull was popular on the radio. If you think about it for a second, you can probably figure out what my real name is. One day a friend just mutated the name Jethro Tull the way one might expect someone from N'awlins to do and it stuck. I guess a more phonetic spelling of the way it was pronounced when friends said it would be Jeffro...Tuh but I kept the spelling short. No one has actually called me by that moniker in many years but I resurrected it for use online.
  13. I get a kick out of this one: The Universal Translator! Careful, there are sometimes some naughty words in the translations.
  14. JeffroTa


    I was looking for a place to make my first post here and say hello. I think this will do. I see many familiar names here. 'Be talkin' to ya!