Happy 18th Birthday Mandy!

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Happy Birthday Honey!!! :wub::D

I posted this early, because I wanted to beat everyone else as I know how ontop of birthdays we are here! :lol:

I feel like I've known you for 18 years... even though we've only dated for 1 year and 4 months and now 6 days! (Don't ask me about hours, minutes, and seconds because I don't know) :lol::P

Every day with you is something special and different and I look forward to many many more with you. You always bring something new to each day. Whether it be a picture that is amazing, your sense of humor, your optimism, your personality and I can go on and on - I enjoy all of it. I hope you have a fantasmic day and as the case may be a magnificent Monday! I love you Mandy!! You're amazing! :wub:

Your true love,


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Happy Birthday Mandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope that you and Jeff keep on chillin like you do! You two are perfect for eachother and will make eachother happy :)

I'm glad you found eachother :)

BTW, now you're not a minor lol

Danny :)

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