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sorry if this seems lame or in the wrong place ( it does involve graphic design though ;) )but I really get a kick out of looking at others desktops...also seems to inspire me to change it when I let mine stay the same for a long time....if you made yours I'd love to see it, and the same goes if you didn't...just please don't be using bliss

my current mandrake/kde desktop:

Replaced Image with Link :)

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thanks, Nerelda! :D

flatiron__2.... surprised you're even using luna...most people that don't use a desktop pic are generally the same ones that have it set for best performance.

and JSKY...trying to be the only one on the planet using the olive theme? I didn't use windowblinds I'd probably use silver but the green reminds me a little too much of baby $*** pic though

and I agree with both of you, one thing windows has is alot of shortcuts to get what you want to open, no need for desktop clutter

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Oooo! Thanks tictoc5150. Now I'm going to have to change the color. Never thought about the olive green and baby s***. LOL

At first I thought of posting one of my StyleXP themes, but I usually just run my normal desktop. Tho I do have two favorite Style XP themes that I do run alot. Of course, If everyone thinks of the olive green and baby s***

together, them maybe I am the only one running it. LOL

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hey JSKY, sorry to point out the similarites in the but hey, if you like it, thats all that's not like it smells like it!!!!!

fllatiron_2..........yep, thats what I'd expect....I've tried not using themes but I spend alot of time in front of the computer (maybe too much) and need things to look cool.

there is a noticable improvement in performance when set like that though and can see why some would go without the eye candy.

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Not gonna post my Linux desktop because it is nothing fancy...

All information showed :)...except that I made the colors myself with 3DCC.

EDIT:!: Please hold, that is my old desktop.

EDIT:@: There we go.

EDIT:#: Yes, I do like it clean.

EDIT:$: Changed picture and credit information.

EDIT:%: Photobucket resized the big one....

EDIT:^: Hosted the file on; bigger restriction there

EDIT:&: Updated

EDIT:*: I'm running out of edits....Updated again to include a shot of Foobar2000.

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hey Ed! Nice background! Can you help me with something? I pulled up our old thread on today, and found my old background. *The Goddess is Alive six, I think* I can't find that online anymore to put it back on..and want it again. Can you do something with that attached pic. so I can use it again??

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ok, I finally found it! But I'd STILL like to get a new one made!

Hi Kat,

I saw that you were also talking about it in #besttechie and probably have one of the guys that do this stuff for a living makin' ya somethin cool but I threw a few pics I had into the GIMP and this is a quickie that I came up with for might not like it, so, I won't be offended if you don't use it. :D

Pagan Moon

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Hi Kat.

sorry I didn't respond fast enough, been busy since I moved back to Iowa, yes you heard right Iowa. But I will be glad to help you out on any other thing syou need help on.


PS do you want me to get your avatars for your signature again, I will if you want me too.

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