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  1. Yeah. That's odd (that the screensavers don't work).
  2. Perhaps you aren't accelerating your video card? Run: $ glxinfo | grep direct Post the output here.
  3. kyle

    Favorite Wm?

    Hmm... that's odd. Could you post a screenshot of that (strange things on the monitor)?
  4. Oh, lol, I didn't even know there was a Windows version. Sorry
  5. kyle

    Favorite Wm?

    Openbox is a little different than the other *boxes. For some reason, I don't like the way that Fluxbox, Blackbox, Waimea, etc. handle windows. It just feel weird to me. Openbox handles them how I want, though, and does it very nicely. It's also really easy to theme for (like all the *boxes) and is really configurable. Plus, like all the *boxes, it's very resource-light. You can get it at Here's a screenshot of it (running xftaskbar4, too)
  6. kyle

    Favorite Wm?

    I use Openbox, for the most part. I've gotten in the habit of using xftaskbar4 while using Openbox, though, because I like a quicker way to flip through windows than alt+tab.
  7. Yeah, that would work. Any live CD with a shell would work; just do that same thing (chroot, passwd, exit).
  8. If the Mandrake CD has a shell you can drop into (never used it so I don't know), you can also just chroot to your root partition and then run passwd to reset it. # chroot /dev/hda1 # passwd # exit Of course, replace /dev/hda1 with whatever the drive/partition is, e.g. /dev/hda3, /dev/hdb2, etc.
  9. My latest desktop: (click to make bigger)