Happy Birthday To Chappy

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Thank You....Thank You!!

Wow time flies just seems like last week that I was only 30...

This has been a very difficult year for me health-wise, and I have to say that if it weren't for you folks here....My Family, that I may not have gotten thru it at all.

So much in my life has changed drastically over the last year, that I'm no longer even able to recognize this as my life anymore!

Having the support from this community that I get, has made this last while bearable at least, and i'm forever thankful to you all!! My last neurology report has confirmed that the nerve damage is permanent, so I'ld better get used to the idea of having pain be a constant companion from now on, but with the support I get from my family here, and at home, I'll get by I guess.

Thanx once again for you all just being here for one another!!!

Love ya

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hi chappy

ive just got on to the thread

and like the other posters

i to. wish you a happy birthday.

good luck to you and your family

hope you have another 50 birthdays.

a friend


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Whats this? Chappy's turning 29?

Happy Birthday, Chappy! Have a wonderful day!


No One really breaks 30...unless they own M$

HAPPY B_DAY Chappy...we wont' tell anyone if you wanna enjoy the week off...

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It's been a very quiet day for me so far, and I have pool league tonight, so it'll be a quiet b-day.

I'll have a few beers with my pool friends afterwards and maybe a couple b-day shooters or 6, I'll be sure to toast to all my friends here and your health!!

Be well and safe!

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