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Meh.. just got back from visiting family. Heh, we aren't exactly "compatable." Not that we have tension or anything.. its just... eh.. my extended family (on both sides) and my immediate family are very different. That's about as far as I can elaborate. At least the food was good :D Hope you all had a wonderful day!


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Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes everyone. I had a Great time, I am known to be the biggest eater in the family so I ate alot I mean alot! My mom made a big meal so I helped finish it off <burp>. And Craberry Sauce is to be used with the eats, not the deserts,being in the south I allready know that one. I some times feel like I have two families, one online (yall), and my intermedit family (offline). Its great to see a bunch of people to get together and form a family even though some of us are so far apart. :wub: Happy Thanksgiving! :thumbsup:

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Us Canucks had ours a ways back....uuurrrppp...scuze

Hope you all STUFFED yourselves silly, and had a great day with Family and Friends!

Now, its turkey leftovers for the next 3 weeks..

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