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hi team it has taken me some time to get here i made a few mistakes

but im here now and really glad.ive waited weeks to be here

and.i like the layout of the board .and i like the way the forum is run .

ile spend a lot of my time here mainly because i know most of the posters .

i belong to 2 other boards but have never felt comfy i either of them

how ever thanks B and i will try ad help as much as i can

take care out there .


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Yes, Marty is from New Zealand, so are you aren't you? Its great having people from all around the world here. Although I live in U S now I came here from Great Britain in 1985.


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NZ Marty??

Is that NZ as in New Zealand ??? :blink:

hi white wolf yes in a kiwi.some said you are also.

love it here.

i was a member of techtv forums for some years or since they started .

ewhen telstra saturn came on stream i joined and all the chanels they supported was incorperated in to thier .package

but now i cant get it they dont beam here any more

but once the board closed i looked for some wher to go.i knew B had this in mind

i joined a coupa other boards but i know 99 percent of the posters here.

so i feel comfortable here.

besides you wouldnt get as much compt knowledge any where else.this is a good board.

a coupola others are comming here as well.


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