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I have shortcut links on my machine for places I go often. I'm sure many others do also. I feel we have a few good designers that could put something together. Of course B should have approval.

Friends, family, community, computers, tech problems.

Some ideas to possibly incorporate in to the design.

Yeah I know I could d/l tons of icons, not the same. Something more personal for those here in the beginning.

Any takers?

Any suggestions?


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What about banners for websites? I want to make some. I have one on my homepage now! I could be team learder lol....Im not that good but I got a great program!

Not photohouse pro but.....ahhh what is it. Oh well its great! Can we or I make a post on this type of deal?

Banners for or

what would be a good title?

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jeesh B, when I asked you about the favicon thing, I didn't mean just throw up any old

like Barb, I can't make out what it's suppose to be...unless it's suppose to be a crumpled up ball of

even the one I made for my FF toolbar would've been (which you can have if you want it) -->> favicon link

If the creator of the icon isn't you, sorry if I offend :D

If it is you, DO BETTER!!!! :lol:

EDIT: heh, sorry Crow, didn't mean to bash your handywork :D

I know mine isn't a masterpiece, it was just something I whipped up to keep the FF toolbar looking uniform

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404 Error

Could not find Page

Which means:

      1) You're trying to find imaginary pages, if this is the case, CUT IT OUT!!!

      2) I might be currently making changes to the site, in which case, HOLD YOUR HORSES!!!

      3) your browser is a piece of shit, probably Internet Explorer, in which case, GET FIREFOX YOU LOSER!!!

      4) Or I might just be a bonehead that broke a link while making changes, in which case, you can bite me, it's not like I'm some html guru ;)

LOL covers all the bases. I clicked the link you posted. I use FF. The voices I hear give me url's. So it must be #2


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