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Hi Everyone!!

I have been working on something that I thought would be a great idea for the site. I'd like to introduce to you, the BestTechie Podcast. Basically it's like a radio show online. I will talk about the latest news in tech, throw in some rants, general stuff, etc.. It is a family friendly show. I have created this section for people to post questions, comments, suggestions for the show. If you post a question I will do my best to answer it on the show. I look forward to doing this, and I hope you all enjoy it. I believe they will only get better in time. So come and listen. The first one, which was just finished is short and sweet, so I could just get the feeling of things. Overall I think it's a good first cast. The next cast will be longer and more of a "real" show. Btw, here is the link to the show...

Enjoy! B)


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Congratulations, Jeff!! :thumbsup: I'll try my best to catch it when it's not so noisy around here (all I can hear is Hubby's motorcycle TV show now...), if I can figure out how it works, never listened to a podcast before. Good luck, I know you'll do a great job!

Because I must....., why do you wear pink shirts? :)


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Just a bit of info for everyone: While this 'pilot' take seemed short enough to be a commercial, the 'cast is going to be around 30 mins per episode. Right now, we're working on getting everyone to have skype set up, and some people have yet to own a microphone. Also, feel free to start posting topics and discussion suggestions, as we need some to get the show rolling. more info here


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Good job guys.

I think you's should talk about new products that are either on the market or future things coming out.

How about some issues of security flaws, such as how to secure them etc.

Tips & tricks on the windows OS. as well as lenux. Knoppix and stuff like that.

Matt ? you need either a better mic or turn the vol. up on it. Otherweise it was a good job. keep it up. :thumbsup:

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