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I hate it when i have to host a really big picture but nobody will host it online for free.

So i created a webserver to help people out.

It is

It is strictly to help people with large files online

It is free and supports and file type or size.

check it pout if you have time

This is a copy of a forum from

My post* from g4tv

Sorry about the confusion.


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google adds don't bring a lot of money without a ton of traffic but hey it's free money. i've used them for a while now an i like them. so what happened to your first post. did someone ask you to take it down cause they considered it spam or did you have too many people ask for free hosting?

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Sorry Rez, Jeff got to it before I could explain what you are doing. Since it was your first post here and it is related to another site, it was kinda considered as spam advertising by Jeff, the site owner.

I'll have a chat with Jeff and most likely have it back up shortly.

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I have no idea why it was removed

One of the administrators of this forum told me to post about my site here

Well it is

forgive us, we aren't used to spammers and trolls here and it was your first post so you can't really blame B . infact the only troll we've had so far is one that i let in because he lives in the test post section eating threads when they get too old and he's big enough to scar off other trolls. ;):D

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umm...lets say i already uploaded a file, how do i locate it?

Well that is one of the probelems. When you upload the file it should show you a link. If not Just type th url THEN put the name of your file if you remeber it. Or just re d/l it

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Hey guys

I would like to thank you for your interest in my site. It means alot to me. This is my first "real" site. I have been updating it ALOT. Thanks for recomending me to I don't really like google ads i am using some other hosting thing. It pays more but it like tracks your IP and only lets 1 click per IP adress. I used PHPNUKE for my new site template. check it out It redirects to the new temlate. There is a link for the file uploader in there.

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there are 14 diggs

i was looking at the HTTP referals and there are like 30 from diggs

there are alot of hits total.

QUESTION! are there to may ads? do they get annoying?

well, if you get good money from them then keep them, but if they aren't doing much then i say get rid of them :)

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