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Geez. I was originally an education major in college and then a retail worker-- the main reason why teachers and salespeople use red pens in the first place--red pens don't get swiped as quickly!! Liz

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I guess that I can't be red lining plans when I review them any more > The builders might take offense. lol like I care what they think as long as they build safely.


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I am waiting for the day where ink isn't used at to grade papers/test/anything of the sort, but if you don't score high enough, you retake it until you do...can't handle a simple color, try clear ink, with more TESTS <_<

My local highschools haven't started with the extraction of the red ink and red marks on tests, but as soon as they do...i see crime rate and drop-out rate increasing in the surround 5 schools... :(

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We can't have the "little darlings" get their feelings hurt now can we?

We can't possibly let the teachers do their job, or be parents enough to do own job of making the little brats (excuse me for hurting their delicate feelings) do their homework so their papers wont need to be marked in red!!!!

How on earth are kids going to get an education, and be prepared for the real world of hard knocks that doesn't care one iota for the "precious little darlings" feelings.

When are the parents, and school boards, and schools going to stop caving in to kids supposed sensitivity? That is not going to help the kids grow up. And down the road I can just see the kids still living off good ole Mom and Dad because the cruel old world hurt their feelings.

I fear for the future of our country when this sort of thinking becomes the prevalent educational standard.

By the way, it is a shame that those same parents don't seem to care enough about the "little darlings" to give up their need for two jobs to pay for all the stuff they want and to be fulfilled with a career, instead of one parent staying home to raise the kids. That's what is hurting the kids the most, parents not caring enough to be home when the kids need them. Kids want and need parents to love them and care for them enough to be there for them. The kids wouldn't have such feeling of negativity and rejection if the parents hadn't instilled that in them in the first place by the parents selfish desires to have it all regardless of the kids needs.

Yes some families need to have two jobs to survive, but for alot of families a change in priorities and a good budget (and most importantly not going into debt that is only going to turn them into a slave to debt payments) would enable one parent to stay home for kids sake. That will take a complete change of the cultural status quo to become the norm.

Sorry for the soap box again folks, but I have watched, listened to, cried with, and prayed for, a couple of generations of kids around here crying for attention and unselfish love from parents. They will do anything to get that love and attention, either in good normal ways, or far worse in criminal ways, and everything in between. When will our nation realize what is going on and change things???

God bless everyone.

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Hi Vile_Dr,

Hmmm, clear ink? Could be a Godsend to the kids who say their dog ate their homework....better get Macmarauder busy on that!

and Hello Sidekickcat,

I laughed and laughed at your "little darlings" rant! My son plays soccer, but I am sooo far from your typical Soccermom. On the way to each game, I whine, "Do I HAVE to be nice to them?" Luckily the worst Soccermoms won't let me into their cliche :P

And totally agree with the rest of your comments. Ran daycare when my kids were tiny (so I could stay home) and it is so sad to see parents putting their "careers" ahead of their precious children.

And the folks who work only so they can have the big homes, pools, fancy cars, all the latest gadgets, etc--to them I want to say, "why have children?". Might as well put off having kids until they get their toys! They want their parent's lifestyles right off the bat, yet don't realize it took their parents many years to build up to those lifestyles. My kids refer to our lifestyle as "Electric Amish" (which explains why tech is still beyond me) but hopefully they are becoming well grounded adults.


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