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I might do it for $1000000, losing enough hair now anyway,. If I did that it may not grow back

Ok we've had east or west so how about North or South?


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How in the world does Macmarauder come up with these??? :P

when i get board contemplating the universe i direct my attention else where in the fabric of space and cheetos. BTW i have come to conclusion that all emptiness in space which is usually called dark matter is actually crumbs of cheetos leftover from Gods last craving for munchies during the creation of the universe.

as for the question i like peanut butter on my toast with a sprinkle of sugar. MMMM i think i'm getting the cosmic cravings right now.

what's your favorite type of clothing you like to wear?

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Macmarauder, aren't you supposed to use the fabric to wipe the cheeto crumbs off your fingers?

Sweatpants and Sweatshirt, except for shorts in July and August.

Sunglasses, Baseball Hat or Squint?

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Yes, I work HARD on my vehicle! I call the mechanic, drive it down, wait for his call, get out that visacard, pick it up, drive it home again. Actually, I wish I knew more about those black greasy shapes under the hood, repair is expensive!

If you could be a fly on a wall, whose wall would you want to be sitting on? (I would have loved to hear a former boss explain to his boss why I quit....)

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