The 10,000 Thread Milestone!

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Hell....let's just go right PAST 100,000, and go straight to 1,000,000!!!

Oh...that could be awhile I guess, and we'll need to party well before that,..

HERE'S to 10,010!!!! WhooPeee!!

Then, HERE"S to 10,020!!! YAHoooo!!


On a serious note now....THANK YOU ALL!!!

The absolutely FANTASTIC membership here, make this the BEST place to Administrate in the World! I have more friends here and more fun here than anywhere ever! I can say that it even rivals our all time love TTV, because most of the old TTV'rs are here with us still. I know we lost many during the bad days of the breakup and merger, and there are many names I wish I could see again from the old days (where's Joe Bandy and his wife Mitsy :( )(and many, many more) but I still see lots of old usernames kickin around, and LOTS of new friends that we've made along this winding digital road we travel.

I've watched as young people have grown up right before our very eyes, into great young adults who take pride in helping others! What better thing than that to teach your children I ask...if all kids learned how to do that we would have a Great Planet I tell ya!!!

We've reached over 1000's of miles to touch others on the other side of the world, and made new friends just down the road (Hi rv56!!)

We've taught young kids how to help others with respect, and watched as they took our advice and ran with it, becoming future leaders along the way.

We've lost friends and gained friends, argued with some that later became our Bestest friends (Hi Joe Bandy, wherever you are!!), and ignored the occasional idiots that just Love to wreak havoc.

But all along the way, many of us have stuck together because we know that these are the Best kind of people you could ever meet anywhere! I know that we lost many just because they didn't know what happened at TTV/G4 in time, and that's sad. I know they would Love to reconnect if they only knew where everyone was, I wish I could tell them...."Hey! Over here at!!" is where they'll find all the old gang, that would be SO COOL!! But alas, it's probably not to be so I Thank God that we were still able to hang on to all those we have here with us now!!

Ok, enough of my emotional ramblings...sorry, I just get caught up in the old TTV days sometimes, most of you know what I'm saying here...don't you ;)

Thanks to Jeff for putting Besttechie together, because I was too busy to start a post-TTV site myself, and Thanks to all of you who came here to play with us!

We love each and every One of You!!

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Brian here:

I would also like to congratulate Besttechie for making the 10,000 thread milestone: It is a proud moment for all of us, and I am proud to be a member of one of the best places in cyberspace!!

Thank you for all EVERYONE here does for us - you all are amazing ;)



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hi all congrats for the big effort

in reaching 10.000

i know ive got a couple in there

many of us have come a long way since the techtv days

and like chappy i suffer with a bit of nostalga

as when i joined techtv i didnt know how to turn a compt on

petecovelle and chappy taught me all that

and i must say jeff was one of those, he was compt savy

and i think he was only thirteen then

but i didnt know that until he formed besttechie

tho im still an ameteur

i can now build my own compt

and thanks to you all for your expertise and help

im progressing

so to reach 10.000 is a mile stone for us all

good luck


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