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  1. Currently, Gas is about $1.99 in my area, but just across the state it's still about $2.25
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. MSN doesnt' have what I'm looking for. I'm not looking to buy Fords either, so that's out. I'm looking into purchasing Newer (and even up to the 2005 versions) of some Honda or Toyota vehicles. Edmunds seems to have pretty much everything I need. The only thing I haven't been able to find yet though is information on the MPG (Miles per gallon) on the vehicles. (It's possible I'm just blind though) **EDIT** HAHA! I AM blind! LOL I found all I need! Thanks so much for that link!
  3. Hello friends, I realize I haven't been around much and I appologize for that. Since graduating from college, my life has been more hectic than ever. Very recently I learned that my 270k mile vehicle's engine is shutting down and is not expected to last much longer. I am seeking as much help as I can. I need websites where I can compare vehicles and get information on them such as handling, gas mileage, pros and cons, etc. If anyone can help me with finding such a site, I would be highly grateful. I tried searching on my own, but cannot seem to put in the right search information I guess. Agai
  4. Excellent site! I like to use the color wheel when working on things, so this will be very useful!
  5. Granted, but now you remember less. I wish I could've stayed home today.
  6. it's still running $2.97-$3.09 for regular here.
  7. Wish granted, so it only rains on you while you're there. I wish I could have my paycheck back.
  8. Wish granted. Now you have to live in his dirty, non lit basement and work in his sweat shop with the others who wished this. I wish all these students would go away.
  9. Wish granted. Bender broke it the last time, so now you're stuck living in his belly compartment. I wish I could go on vacation.
  10. Wish granted, but it costs $5,000 and no computer can yet handle it even at the lowest settings. I wish I was married already.
  11. Ummm....cause TWO with insomnia would just drive each other nuts?
  12. I'm glad you're ok handplane. I'm still waiting to hear from a few more of my friends in that area.
  13. Tyranosaurus (LOL this is my #911 post)
  14. Yes, in fact, I am at work right now.
  15. LOL Thanks, but no thanks tictoc!
  16. Thanks everyone! And here, all I really asked for was the opportunity for the interview. Now I've got the whole shebang!
  17. I just got the call from the place I've been applying at..... I GOT THE JOB!!!!!