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  1. 24" iMac seem like a goo deal

    Apple does stick to there price plan and somehow has not been as effected by the economy as others. So they're doing something right.

    I being a Mac fanboy or whatever we mac users are called will still buy another Mac. My imac is a little over a year old now has run 24/7. I have not had to do a reinstall and have no antivirus or spyware software. I use the imac as a multichannel home recording studio. Have made several movies and up until recently use it as my bedroom television (it runs cool and very quiet and came with a remote). I also can run Windows XP & 7 and Ubuntu virtually.

    I also like the way the iMac looks on my desktop B)

    Oh I also buy refurbished and work for a school system and get a discount. Of course I could get a better discount from Dell.

  2. Each USB port has a limited amount of power. There is usually enough power to power the apple keyboard the mouse (usually plugged into the keyboard) and one other device like a thumb drive. Sometimes ipods that are low on charge will by themselves be two much for the keyboard. The rule use to be one powered device per port most times you can get away with a few lowpowered devices.

    You can get powered usb hubs that will run multiple devices.

  3. The plug torque should not make a difference. Plugs have a crush seal that allows for a fairly large tolerance. Although the correct torque is good, it is to keep the plugs from backing out or stripping threads.

    Have you tried higher octane gas? A small 1.6 motor that makes 148hp at the rear would almost certainly have a high compression and need high octane fuel.

  4. Almost all plugs are suppose to be pre-gapped but like mentioned earlier they may get banged up in shipping. And usually the double plugs like double platinum that are designed for waste spark ignitions have a problem with the coating breaking off if your not careful gapping them.

    I usually use NGK or Denso plugs but my Cherokee didn't like NGK but runs great with Champion Truck plugs.

    A foot of snow today, my miata has to sit a little longer. When is that global warming going to kick in.

  5. I do tech support for a school. About a month ago a teacher tells me that she doesn't have her internet and if I could fix it. I click on firefox it opens and I can surf. I tell it's working and must been a glitch. The same thing happens about a hour later I show her that firefox is able to connect and works fine. She then tells me that isn't her internet, it's her aids internet. She says her internet has a "e" on it and it's missing from the desktop.

    Also we have our library book inventory on our server so anyone anywhere in the building can search for books. I tell everyone if they type in the address bar they can use the service. Quick list of questions. What's a address bar? Will this work at home? Google can't find the book catalog. Why are some of the books currently unavailable? How do I bookmark the number?

  6. I'm sure you more then competent enough to gap plugs and replace them. If I were you I'd put a dab of anti-seize on the threads, the combo of those plugs and a good distributor ignition means extremely long plug life.

    All this car talk is getting me frustrated, want to take my miata out. Still snow, salty puddles and massive potholes. I think I'll take her out of mothballs today and start her up. Maybe even pickup some plugs oil and filter and order some long overdue shocks and struts.

  7. Downloaded it still haven't installed it yet. Been working on moding a small blackheart guitar amp while drilling a hole for a line out jack I drilled through a capacitor... more work then I intended. Also replaced carpet in living room.

    Maybe saturday night.

  8. I have a friend that has a few LED lights in his house. One died after about a year the company replaced it for free. They told him that lights don't usually die but the circuit board production isn't 100% reliable yet, maybe a bad solder joint or something. The newer light was built better.

    I have two LCD tv's a really nice 32" in my living room and a real cheap 19" in the bedroom. I think the light weight and energy savings are a big reason for the lcd popularity. People tell me that plasma has better blacks and a bit better picture but I could care less they both work and take up very little room.

  9. If Windows is fairly up to date you can manually run Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. It removes the Antivirus 2009 trojan. Of course not sure if it will remove anything that may have been downloaded by AV 2009. To run it click Start > Run and type mrt run the deep scan.

  10. I'd like anyone to tell me that they won't take their Social Security, or if they lose their job they won't take their Unemployment help.

    Unemployment is paid for in part by employers and means you had a job and probably want another. And I most likely will never get social security. I work for a municipality, we have a much better retirement plan.

  11. There is a bug in early versions of 10.5 that would cause a os update to freeze. This has been fixed but if you reinstall download the combo update from Apple support site and you won't have to worry about this bug.

    I have 45 macbooks (not me personally the school I worK at) we had two frozen installs. The girls I had helping me were able to just force quit and restart they said it stayed at the gray screen for about 15 minutes rebooted itself and everything was fine and up to date.