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  1. You won't be able to mount the one drive on two machines at the same time. Your best bet would to share the drive on your network. The best way would have been getting a network attached storage but to late for that. Many new routers will have a usb plug to attach a drive and share. But you probably will need to connect it to one machine and share it. Of course if you're not using both machines at the same time usb or firewire to just one machine will be the fastest.

  2. I just can't get myself to buy a smart-phone. I have two macs at home a macbook pro and a dell running ubuntu for work and a ipod touch and a ipad. I work with computers and all kind of tech gadgets every day and my favorite restaurant, ice cream parlor and bar all have free wi-fi. I sure would like a iphone 4 but can't justify a data plan when I'm already connected 90% of my life.

    I would get a itouch 4 if such thing ever happens.

  3. I disagree with you Pete. I think the last thing we need is to rush any kind of vaccine to the population. It definitely needs high level of quality control and testing before thrusting it onto the masses. Also privet producers need to be positive that the vaccine does not do more harm then good. A bad vaccine could put a manufacture out of business.

  4. I don't believe refresh rate will make any difference seeing lcds don't refresh the lcds stay on or off. Also not sure about the resolution but when you plug a tv, projector or display into a Mac it usually auto detects the native res of that display and sets it to as close as possible. I'm pretty sure most lcd tv's are 1080p so 720p if your tv is 720 I would think 768 will be the best you will get.

  5. I installed it on two 4 year old Dell laptops. I downloaded it on a mac and put it on a flash drive. The install was easy and took a few minutes to download the definitions. The interface is clean and simple to use. The full scan took almost 1h 45m to complete.

    I also had a classroom computer that was hijacked with one of those fake antivirus. I figured I'd give MSE a try, found fakespypro and koobface and removed them along with several infected files. I then ran Malwarebytes came back clean. I'm going to keep a eye on it if we have any more problems I'll re-image the drive.

    I like it so far I think over the christmas break I'll get a couple of students to help me remove the old Mcafee and install MSE on the old Dells.

  6. Although the headlines make it look like apples are bad it really is only about 1% difference. And with no real numbers it's hard to believe this just isn't a hit piece. I work at a school we have Dells and Macs and our number one failure is hard drives. It does seem like the Macs with the seagate drives fail more often. Also the Macs get a lot of use in movie making and podcast production and the dells are used mostly for word and excel. They all see a lot of internet time and video streaming.

  7. JDoors and anyone else using MSE do you think it's a good security solution? I do computer support for a school we have 50 Dell laptops that came with 4 years of MaFee protection. The 4 years is almost up and to save money I was thinking about using MSE. We have site license for a vendors version of symentec corporate but we would need to expand the license to cover the laptops. We get a lot of malware downloaded to these MaFee catches some and I have a few kids that run Malwarebytes monthly for me. Even with this I still need to re-image them once in a while.

  8. That shouldn't happen with a printer. I do computer support for a school system and have set up hundreds of Macs with printers and only have had one problems with one HP printer. It was a HP that was discontinued I believe a LazerJet 1020 but the newer 1022 driver worked.

    But if you buy a new printer chances are you just plug it in. My last printer I bought was a cheap HP all I did was plug it into my Apple Airport (wireless router) and both my Macs instantly saw the printer and printed to it with me doing nothing.

  9. Almost any printer will work and most will be plug and play. A new model may not plug and play because the mac comes with lots of drivers but obviously can't have a driver for something that is brand new. But it's just a matter of installing a driver just like with any os.

    To make you feel better just get a printer with the Mac logo on the side of the box then the driver will be on the included cd.

    Just wanted to add that if she keeps her Mac updated she may have the driver. Apple pushes out new printer drivers every now and then.

  10. Higher percentage in the 30's but far more people out of work now.

    But just a few years ago when the republican governor was about to appoint a replacement the law was changed because they said the people need to have a say.

    And by rushing into a new healthcare plan nothing will change. Maybe we should come up with a plan that could make some changes not just for the sake of change. I personally don't care what health care system we use as long as I have coverage and it doesn't cost me more either in price or care.

  11. The media is giving this administration a free pass on everything. There are still soldiers coming home every week in body bags, last year every news outlet would tally a body count now you almost never hear anything. There are still inmates in GitMo but they are now called Detainees not Prisoners so we're good there. We have spent more money in the last year then any other administration has ever spent. We bailed out companies so thousands of bankers can keep there six and seven figure salaries while we have just hit a new all time high unemployment mark. We just changed the law in Massachusetts so we don't need to elect a new senator we can just appoint one. The administration has appointed tax cheats and frauds to high level cabinet positions and as his Czars. And while all this is going on leno and letterman are making Clinton and Bush jokes, the so called news outlets are still going on about tea parties.

    And now we want to tax working people so Gangbangers, skinheads, career criminals, hillbillies, illegal aliens etc. have full health coverage adding 45 million more patients to our health facilities. And as it is right now hospitals don't turn anyone away.