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  1. So today I plug my first gen ipod touch into my iMac to sync and not only does itunes open but iphoto opens and shows the touch as a camera... what. This is the week iphone/ipod touch 3.0 becomes available and the new iphone. So because of this purely circumstantial evidence (or bug maybe glitch) I'm starting this rumor that Apple will be releasing a ipod touch with built in camera this summer.

  2. I know all the hate for Bose and the slogans like no highs no lows must be Bose. I have a nice set of Audio Technica Pro5V's that I use for my home recording and they sound great but those Bose had all the right EQ for my ears. Maybe not for everyone but every time I have a chance to try them and still want a set.

    If you get a chance to try the Bose Quiet Comfort give them a try I think the super warm mid and clean upper mids are outstanding.

  3. My first set of good headphones, twenty something years ago were Sennheiser 414's. I loved them but my ears would get hot after a while. Now I like the in-ear plug type.

    About a year ago I was at a Apple store and listening to a ipod with some Bose noise canceling phones. I had never heard music sound so good could not believe that a ipod playing aac files could be so full and rich. I knew I had to have the Bose phones. Well once I found them on the shelf with the $250 price tag I had second thoughts about how much I wanted them.

  4. Dell never made a Mac driver. But may not be out of luck, older Dell printers are just rebranded Lexmarks. I think this is the driver she needs

    This means she may have to add the driver manually. After installing the lexmark driver she will need to go to system preferences > print & fax hit the + button highlight the printer (should show up) and choose the driver from the drop down.

    There may be a chance that after adding the driver if she plugs the printer in it may just work. If it was a Lexmark branded printer it would, don't know with Dell.

  5. Actually many of the holes with the mac OS are in the open source Mach Kernel. Not much apple can do to hide that. Even though they sometimes acknowledge holes, they like MS many times take there time with patches so they don't break other software.

    The last update 10.5.7 replaced something like 1600 lines of code fixing 60+ holes and less then half were known by anyone other then apple.

  6. You should be using WPA and not WEP. WEP is easy to hack and pretty much useless. And keep SSID broadcast on. When the Mac see the router it should just ask if you want to join the network and ask for a password. If it doesn't just click on the wifi icon in the menubar and choose the network. From then on it will just connect.

  7. Kind of funny "hopefully this will lead to Apple improving OS X security." After all the news stories in the past few months about how insecure OS X is, there is still no Mac viruses in the wild. But to stay secure you need to think ahead.

    I think the security is going into something new. In the past few months Apple has hired engineers and executives from, AMD, Nvida, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Palm, Nokia, Intel and some top mobil device designers and programers. Something big is in the (skunk) works.

  8. My brother had problems with the software update on his old ibook. He said it hung on the restart and had a kernel panic. He said he did a hard shutdown and everything is working fine now.

    I downloaded the update and did a network install remotely on 43 macbooks today at work, all went well. Also did 7 imacs with the software update again all smooth.

  9. I think what happens is that what young kids (future musicians) listen to right now will be the style when they are making the hits.

    So people like Kid Rock, Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman were growing up mainly in the early eighties so they sound a little like what was popular then. The eighties bands listened to Zeppelin, Hendrix, Sabbath. We have a few shifts in music when people get bored, the band members get old and a music style becomes cliché. Things like Punk, Indie, Rap show up become popular until they become cliché. Then back to the rock basics. I think that is why bands like AC/DC, Areosmith and Ozzy still sell out tour dates because they still "although different styles" stick to the basics.

    New sedans, do look alike. Maybe it's not age.

  10. The latest security studies comparing Windows, Mac os and linux were funded by Microsoft. I'm not saying they're wrong.

    But what I do know is that I do computer support for a school system we have many hundreds of computers in the system. I don't know exact numbers because we are a regional school I just do one town. Anyhow we have about 70% Macs and the rest Dells a few HPs. And we have never had a security breach reported on a Mac and we have no antivirus or spyware software running on them. We do however get viruses on the PC laptops that leave the building. We have symantec antivirus on them. It's not a big deal when we find a problem we just re-image them. I have also had a rash of teachers clicking on the antivirus 2009 Fraudware popups and downloading trojans. Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool has seemed to remove it so far.

    I also don't think anyone here has acted like a "Mac Fanboy" they use many OS's and have from experience come to conclusions. I'm happy you've had only good experiences with XP and so don't most people but this thread is becoming pointless. Maybe we should give it a rest.