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  1. Just read about G4...couldn't have happened to a nicer group of folks. (at least we hope the good ones come and the kiddies stay for the animie fix)
  2. I usually set up my bios to boot floppy 1st, cd 2nd and hdd 3rd. It may take a few seconds longer to boot up but its worth knowing you can use any of your devicess to boot without messing with your bios.
  3. I agree, the 3rd party apps should be kept and the most important thing is to keep your system well maintained. 10 minutes a week is really all it takes.
  4. I updated my system today. Followed Cherokee chiefs checklist from the G$TTV forums and had no problems, although now my pc will probably explode in flames having said that. I don't notice any sped difference.
  5. Mr Twain

    G4 Techtv

    Whats the squirell problem...or should I even ask?
  6. Was that when he though he was a she? just wanted to stop in.