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  1. Yeah, iv been trying to find out what my Motherboard supports but i cant find it 0-o, any tips? Also whats this max at 137.4 GBs i keep hearing about for IDE.
  2. Hey everyone, the 21 will be my b-day and iv already gotten my money. So i want a new Hard drive cause the one i have now is only 80GB with about 26GB left. The only question i have is, is there anything i need to know befor i go out and shop for a harddrive? EDIT: Oyeah and ill be dual booting Windows and Linux(Ubuntu) will that matter on the harddrive? or is that more the processor.
  3. I tried Codeblocks, for some reason it just didn't work for me. I havn't programmed in Java but also for python SPE(Stani's Python Editor) is the best iv found.
  4. Lmao, thats funny, how many forums you think he's posted on with the same exact thing? lol. Theres plently of servers to play on, you dont need your own.
  5. Bloodshed has my personal favorite for C and C++ i dont program in C# though.
  6. I wanna try adding sound, anyone know where i can get some good sound effects?
  7. Wow, yeah how stupid am'i. Here they are.
  8. Heh, Simplist pong game you could make. I couldn't get the scoring working for 2players or change the balls direction in mid-game so the ball starts off at an angle. Still took me about aday though. EDIT: Opps i forgot to say, W and S for player one, and Up and Down arrows for player two. #Pong #Ryan Luna 7/9/06 import random from livewires import games, color SCREEN_WIDTH = 640 SCREEN_HEIGHT = 480 THE_SCREEN = games.Screen(SCREEN_WIDTH, SCREEN_HEIGHT) class Player1(games.Sprite): image = games.load_image("paddle.bmp") sound = games.load_sound("paddle.wav") def __init__ (self, screen,
  9. 25GB of FREE online storage to good to be true? Yeah, kinda. is offering 25GB of storage BUT i think you get like...500MB of download a day, or a week one of those =P anyways 25GB is still alot.
  10. Hey everyone, so i wake up this morning, i turn on the computer and my mouse is stuck in the middle of the screen, so i reset, i make sure its pluged in, i plug it into a different USB slot, i keyboard my way to mouse settings and its not even seen by the computer, although the mouse is lite up, after about 20mins i here "beep" (The sound it makes when you plus something into a USB slot) and the mouse works! w00t happy right? 20seconds later its dead again. Sooo what could it be? the mouse is kinda old but i dont think its dead cause like i said the lasers lite up. Windows XP Home, Mouse drive
  11. There is...sort of a realilty show on the net Here, About this guy trying to make an mmorpg...i mean the worlds BIGGEST mmorpg with about 20guys that have never met each other befor, i was all with this guy untill i saw that he gave up his wife and kids to try and do this >_>, im all for following your dreams but not at the cost of your family, but its interesting none the less, Esp 2 just came uh yeah check it out.
  12. Lol, Watch the lastest Diggnation for all the new features, nothing special really.
  13. Anyone that watchs Diggnation or reads you know Digg V3.0 lunchs today, maybe its just me but it took like 30secs to load 0-o, but looks cool i guess.
  14. This kid is 12 and he already blows me away when it comes to drumming. Check em out
  15. Ah, that worked, dont get it but it worked.
  16. Its been forever since i even loged int o Gwhore I miss Tech T.V
  17. Im using Dev-C++, and i tried in Code::Blocks
  18. Hey, heres a peice of code that wont compile the error i get is, "'minus' was not declared in this scope" // pointer to functions #include <iostream> using namespace std; int addition (int a, int b) { return (a+b); } int subtraction (int a, int b) { return (a-b); } int (*minus)(int,int) = subtraction; int operation (int x, int y, int (*functocall)(int,int)) { int g; g = (*functocall)(x,y); return (g); } int main () { int m,n; m = operation (7, 5, addition); n = operation (20, m, minus); cout <<n; return 0; } Minus should be global...shouldn't it? If I change:
  19. hah, i remember this from alooooooong time ago,