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  1. Lol that last one was nice, but don't like the Halo music
  2. RocketBoom reports on Geek Prom 2006!
  3. Hey, iv been looking into this Asterisk thing, and i just want to know if anyone here has used it or had any experience with it, Btw i know Asterisk is mainly Linux but i need to know if anyones used the Windows version that doesn't require a dedicated box.
  4. Donno know about that, the first time i stayed up all night i was 9 Course i was watching horror movies when i was 4 lol.
  5. The people at Wiki arn't the smartest, Gamers Daily, a podcast and website with 1,000s of veiws daily had their Wiki removed for "Lying" about the number of members they had, even after proving it, it was removed, that was almost ayear ago i think.
  6. The Eric Schmidt quote from the earlier article was taken out of context.
  7. Horror movies havn't been good at all latly, but i thought The hills have eyes, remake was pretty good.
  8. Gore is what Quentin Tarantino does best, but if its anything like his other movies E.G Pulp fiction, Then i might watch it.
  9. errr, ok so i guess ill explain, you get points by Trading your stuff, You put crap up, people want it, they use there "Points" to buy it, the $1 is for shiping, its $1 not..15 or whatever you were talking about.
  10. Hey, this is a cool site, you trade in your Movies, CDs or Games in for Points, then you use those points to buy other Movies, CD, or Games =P. $1 for shiping.
  11. Hmmm, We need a girl version of that guy!
  12. Combining results from the 3top Search engines doesn't make it better >_> And sucks, Google and Yahoo are the only two that i can stand.
  13. There were a few there where you didn't have to pay.
  14. ohhhh how you tease me
  15. Yeah, its to f-ing hot here in texas =/
  16. Bookmarked to read an a later time =P i skimed through though and there are a few things i think i will be interested in
  17. I think the font is fine, but its not old-person friendly i guess lmao, the site good but, the top bar is kinda hidden 0-o i didn't even see it untill just now lol,
  18. hmmm, is that newborn thing true? not sure i believe that 0-o thats alot.
  19. and some computer problems today i had 1,000+hits
  20. Lol i never watch a video on any site unless it has a comment system, these things are everywhere
  21. Lol, thats old, someone tried to get me with it, but it was only a few weeks after i got the crap scared out of me by the game one, so i wasn't stupid enough to click the link lol