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  1. Thought some people would need to hear about this
  2. Heh i love this
  3. Sure, ill do that in alittle bit. Prolly very ugly code =P
  4. Heh thanks for link. I was thinking i was done with this project, but i think it'll make a good First GUI program. =)
  5. Yeah i used py2exe, took me 45mins to figure out how =P, Installer hmm *googles*
  6. W00t i just finshed my first executable program =) also my first program over 100lines and fully functional. Its nothing fancy or even usefull for anyone besides the person i programed it for, (Some random person on a message board,) I thought i'd be a easy project, that wouldn't take any work or even thinking much, and plus id be helping someone out (Something i thought would be done in 10mins, which it could of been but i took it alittle further =) ) So what the program DOES is just translates a made up language by this person blah blah, stupid but like i said i needed a project =P, but as i
  7. Python is fast enough, but its slower then C#. C++ ect Python was made as a learning language without being a toy language, you can do pretty much anything you can with other languages, It supports, OOP aswell, They have modules such as CherryPy for web development, Iron python, which ties in to the .net framwork (Currently in pre alph) pygame for easier game development, so yeah, python can do anything =P,
  8. lol i find what im looking for on google in like 4secs, so i guess im goin to find it in 2 with microsofts search engine? 0-o
  9. Lol i love how the emails now dont even have Subjects and there from "John" or "Alex" to get you to open it em, The only email i open is Reg Comfirmation. Python TUT, and....Thats it
  10. I think this section is fairly new, i made the suggestion for it but was told the idea was bad but here it is 0-o. Anyways maybe this will help. MySQL Python and MySQL Resources Another Another Hope some of that helps *Edit* Oh yeah for tons and tons of Python Tutorials on pretty much any subject of Python Go here
  11. Most of it yeah....its not that hard 0-o, course, its my first language ^^. not my only though.
  12. Lol i had to see it right away, i was there at the first showing, i was alone ^^ almost, sad i know =/. Firefly is so amazing >_< Josh has some other stuff in the works atm, hope all that goes well. at the very least maybe serenity 2, (at the most Firefly season 2) Aslong as theres the slightist hope ill never give up.
  13. ^^ Maybe there is still hope!
  14. Caucasion, not white thank you. (edited spelling)
  15. just a small thought, but if seeing the movie is that importent to you, im sure you can afford $20 to buy it, which would also help more then renting it. I can see not wanting to buy a movie when you have somthing like netflix, but if your willing to wait months then wait months >_> if you complain buy it.
  16. pfft, you cant really get mad at them when a movie like Serenity isn't at your doorstep the next day. I myself have never had a problem getting the movies i want, Even New Releases. If you really want a movie that badly, and there is a wait time, Just take all over movies out of your Queue. A trick thats been goin on around the net.