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  1. You plan sounds good, just make sure to let her know to keep spyware blaster up to date and to enable all protection everytime it updates. After you run all the scans run them all again in safe mode. Last thing, since she uses IE I would recommend IESpyad which puts a very large amount of bad sites in the restricted sites zone, google it if you don't already know. --Mistabigshot
  2. I just spend a while going over python and stuff, and I really find my self lost. I don't know what half the words mean and everything is hard to understand.
  3. I figure as I am young and would like a computer career in the future, It would be best to learn a major computer language now. As a just in case kind of thing, and it is just nice to have it backing you up if I ever need it. C++ seems like it is one of the most popular computer languages out their, so where should I start. I have no knowledge of computer programming (aside from HTML and CSS if that counts) and would like to start somewhere easy and simple, but not something that will take forever to learn. Help appreciated.
  4. Are your hard drives on one drive chain, and your optical drives on another? (hard drive being on the primary chain, optical on the secondary chain)
  5. "Go 64, no point in building something that will be obsolete in a year" It appears that the OP is building a PC with a 64bit processor in it already, and was'nt planning on going with anything else.
  6. Yep TT it has a fan underneath the PSU and one on the Side of the case and it's using the *Stock* Heatsink & Fan... And Everest is what I use to check the Temps... This is the MOBO... Asus A8N-SLI Premium nForce4-SLI Chipset w/7.1 Sound, Dual Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394, Dual PCI-E MB I'm wondering if a *Blue Orb II* would work & Fit or maybe this one... http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/product/cool...14/cl-p0114.asp Or should I use *Speedfan* and kick all the fan Speeds up a bit???... I don't mind the noise cause I don't hear it when I have music playing... From your lin
  7. Yes, formatting is erasing. "do i want fat32 or ntfs" Doesn't really matter if it's for storage. I think I did NTFS on mine. I'd probably do the full format as opposed to the quick. NTFS would be fine but won't work in ALL versions of windows. You would have to take into consideration what version of windows that you would be using this on... If Windows XP and 2000 will be the only OSs using the HD/Looking at it, then NTFS is what you want to do. If you want to have older versions of windows accessing it or linux, use FAT32 or FAT.
  8. If you have the right connector, and your system can handle the size, then yes HDs in desktops are universal.
  9. Don't buy that 5400RPM drive, when you can get a 7200RPM drivet that is much faster for alittle more money. Go Western Digital if you can, they tend to be more stable.
  10. Get your OS off of newegg or tiger direct.
  11. STOIK video converter supports alot of formats and is small and free.