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  1. i have a problem with my laptop when i turn it on all the lights go on but then shut down right away. It keeps doing this. I checked the ac adapter and battery all fine. any ideas?
  2. Don't even think about an emachines unless you need a toilet no offense to Emachines users
  3. My ULTRA is super powerfull and great. the OEM ones really suck
  4. I just ordered a sound blaster audigy 2 zs platinum. it costs $170, $70 after rebates at Comp-U-Plus I am goin to replace my MadDog 5.1 card with it I found this card on clearance a few days ago at Office Max $9
  5. Hello, My families 52" big screen rear projection TV just broke. The screen is all weird and the repair man said it would be better to just get a new TV. So we are researching them. We get a discount from Panasonic sinch my father works for UPS. It is pretty big, around $1000. Now we saw 2 TV's we really like. One was a LCD projection TV and one was a DLP TV. The LCD projection TV is cheaper and has a rebate. The DLP TV is more expensive. BUT which one is better? Thanks!
  6. I dont know th extra four Pixel Pipes do make quite a difference, also the 6800 has new shader technology, very cool
  7. i have an x800xl and it runs BF2 like a dream runs better then the 6800's
  8. Yeh but see, on of the main reasons I want it is because it gives me something to do, and a sense of accomplishment. Also, it looks cool and i can brag about it
  9. VERY Solid HURRY!!!! 1 day sale!
  10. WOW!! I only get around 5500 on the 3dmark i hope is my memory
  11. Hello, I just got some great emmory for my computer thanks to "Ieatharddrives" Now I want to get a liquid cooling system for some overclocking. I have an AMD X2 3800 and NForce 4 motherboard I also have an ATI Radeon X800XL GPU What liquid cooling system around $200 will support this? I want something good and powerfull I was looking at THIS Any other suggestions? Thank You!
  12. Thank you!! I got it, great latency!!!!! we have the same system basically qhat did you score on the 3dmark?
  13. I am adding more memory to my system. I want 1gb more and want to pay less then $100 What is the best I can get? I NEED it before X-mas, and helps The real question is should i get 1, 1gb stick or 2 512 Dual Channel ones? I was looking at THIS(single) or THIS(dual) or anything different? I want to make my order soon so please help!
  14. PM me I'host you for free
  15. OPEN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY FOR THE LOOOONG WAIT BUT IT IS OPEN better then ever!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Hello, I just downloaded ULTRAVNC. I saw my friend using it and i thought it was pretty cool. I installed it and everything. The main reason I want it is becuase i can access my home computer from school using a java enabled computer. I was using remote desktop before but I stopped because it always needed a computer with internet explorer and had a bunch of activeX controls. My real question is, has anyone used this before or anything similar? I can't seem to get it to work right. Whenever I go to the URL it says connection refused. I forwarded the ports. thanks
  17. Hello, My friends mom asked what kind of video card she should get for her son for christmas. She wants it to be under $100. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, anything is better then his old HP integrated graphics card. It does need to be able to play counter strike and possibly source. I was thinking of the radeon 9000 series or the geforce 4 or mx/fx series. What do you think?
  18. Hello, Rezfiles WILL soon be UP %100 I just got new hosting with ALOT of bandwith!!!!!! If anyone knows of any good uploading scripts please tell me! Ill be back soon with full details.
  19. Thanks for all the help!! Unfortunatly nothing worked, BUT, i was able to make a disk image using my demo program, It made an image of ALL the files, i am happy But the file is in a .dsk format does anyone know of a good fee .dsk disk image viewer? Thanks
  20. Thnaks for the help but, unfortunatly i tried it and no luck
  21. I just Reinstalled windows on my pc. Unfortunatly for some reason my 250gb Hard drive lost all of its info. I MUST HAVE IT BACK it is super important. I was semi succesfull in getting it to work so far. I got a program that showed the files that were on the hard drive, but it was a demo of an expensive program. Does anyone know of a good freeware program to help me? I treid restoration but it didnt work, i am guessing a partition was created over the files.
  22. Hello, sorry about all the trouble lately. I havent had time to fix up my site Soon i will have a private upload site for the members of bestechie and g4 this upload site has been getting out really far and i was geting huge trafic, more then i can handle. Sorry for any problems, Also money is not a problem at all Me and my brother just started an online computer parts store, i am hosting it off that and trying to count this as a business expense.
  23. That is my statement from google adsense That is only for a couple of days.