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  1. there is a program i used once that let you scroll off the screen to, say, the left, and the mouse would end up on the otherr worked through a lan, i forget what it was called, though, sorry.
  2. That WOULD explain the sudden jump of me having 6 invites to having 50.
  3. I got (apparently) 50 gmail invites and I've got no one to give them to. And you can, too. Now, I know that everyone and their grandma's have a gmail account...but there's no hurt in trying. Here's the rules: Post the number of invites you have left, if someone wants an invite they PM someone on the list with the information (current email address, etc), or they can post the info in this thread, and the first person on the list with invites get precedence, there is a 24 hour grace period where the person on top of the list can send out the necesary number of invites, then it's open game. Be s
  4. Hi again, Can you please place a checkmark next to the following entries in HijackThis and press the Fix Checked button: R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - 3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - _{20EC3D2D-33C1-4C9D-BC37-C2D500688DA2} - (no file) O2 - BHO: QuickSearch Search Bar - {82315A18-6CFB-44a7-BDFD-90E36537C252} - C:\Program Files\QuickSearch\QuickSearchBar1_27.dll O3 - Toolbar: QuickSearch Search Bar - {82315A18-6CFB-44a7-BDFD-90E36537C252} - C:\Program Files\QuickSearch\QuickSearchBar1_27.dll O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [wmplayer] C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe -invisible O4 - HKLM\..\
  5. i dunno if i could prick from those two...they are both overshadowed so much by the TELESCOPE plastic wrap or shrink wrap?
  6. Hello again, It looks like you've given yourself another infection. Lucky for you, this one is easy to get rid of: just go to your Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs and look for Newdotnet and click change/uninstall. Next, please download and run spybot: search & destroy and have it fix what it finds UNLESS they relate to a program you actively use (WildTangent for online games, backweb for your logitech desktop messenger, etc). Finally, post a new HijackThis log with only the NECESARY programs running (close out of steam, firefox, nokia apps, etc) this will give us less to sift through
  7. alcohol mounts the iso and all you get is an html file?
  8. yes, but with Fedora (and in most cases SuSE, though i think they've also got a public ftp?) you've gotta shell out the cash. I suggest getting aquainted with knoppix and other liveboots and moving on to something of an intermediate-type level. (I moved on to a stage2 install of gentoo...but that's a different story ) But maybe something like Debian, or yes, i suppose Mandrakelinux would be alright. After all of the errors with SuSE, I was nearly discouraged from delving any further into the Linux Universe. Though, i suppose, in the end, it also motiviated me to move on to a "real" linux dist
  9. Yeah, you can't turn it off short of unplugging it...
  10. if you put one of your coasters in the drive while the computer is on/booted/etc and you explore it, do you see a few different files or just one??
  11. that sounds like a movie they'd watch on Mystery Science Theater 3000
  12. what burning program are you using? you may not be selecting the right option.
  13. I understand that you are naming the easiest distros for a newbie to get along with, but I've tried Mandrake and SuSE 9.1 and here's what I've found out: it doesn't help you transition from Windows, it tries to be just like Windows. I don't even think SuSE came wtih gcc+. And I couldn't install ANYTHING (even using YaST2) because SuSE installs things in odd places so I'd get all kinds of errors (like not having x installed?).
  14. spend less time on the general history lesson and more time on how it helps and has helped us communite.
  15. I understand that "installing a program entails a lot more than just placing an .exe file on a drive", and yes, most (not all) programs have at least one registry value. However, the program tends to call the value, not the other way around. Also, you are only moving the folder, not deleting it, so its not like you are uninstalling it, leaving reg keys/values etc stranded. Also, jerrys never said anything about wanting to free hdd space. Programs I've moved as opposed to reinstalling: Quake I Quake II Unreal Tournament Winamp Just to name a few.