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  1. 1) If i am not mistaken, high-order bits are used to begin commands, tho the low-order bits are still used in these commands... But the thing i dont understand is this....i am told that low-order bits are used to store data, can anyone explain exactly how this works or if i am mistaken, try to explain how it works, i am a little lost. 2) What is the difference between the CPU "codebook" and the CPU instruction set?
  2. hmm i'm kinda stumped on the external data bus(EDB) simply the bus running 8 bits back and forth between the CPU and RAM or is it a gerneral name for all the busses?
  3. Runs on Apache, using as the DNS, and i am planning to learn HTML. My basic question is how do i get the HTML scripted in something like notepad onto to site itself?
  4. Well, i am creating my first web site, and so far i have apache set up and the domain name aswell, and everything seems to work smoothly. As i see it, the next step is to start adding content, prolly beginning with HTML. i would just like to know how i go about doing this...?
  5. eh eh eh, i have 2 KVM switches, but I have 2 comps on one and 1 that is no longer on it, so when i switch the comps one will go black.
  6. Currently i have a desk set up with multiple monitors and they go to different comps... I was wondering if it was possible to have 1 mouse and 1 keyboard for multiple comps? Having more than 1 mouse lying around is getting kinda old
  7. I was just wondering if anyone knows of some good guides on how to get apache started and info on how to use it/configure it properly?
  8. what are some respectable and cheap sites to purchase domain names?
  9. yeah, that idea has been suggested, but before i try that, i'd like to find if there is a way to do it thru the registry...cuz i coulda sworn i did it thru there before, or something with a similar format...
  10. Here's the deal...I recently changed the admin username on my comp to something new. The problem is that the folder under documents & settings never changed its title to the new username. Under documents & settings there are a few folders, such as "All Users" and "Default User", aswell as folders listed as whatever your username is. This is the folder i wish to change, but every time i try to rename it i get the message "blah blah blah is a system folder and is required for Windows to run properly, it cannot be removed or renamed" Any ideas on how to fix this problem w/o reinstalling?