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  1. Why thank you Jeff! So that's why I can't "quote" when I punch the "quote" button... And When I choose "more options" the grafix are all fuddeled up? Hummm? Never thunk it was the skin. and I really like it a lot.
  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch! No pulling on my fingers, just the end of the radius crushed. After 11 months, doc decided to do a graft from my hipbone to re-a-line it. Honest, you do not ever want to have them chopping away at your hipbone. That was far more painful than the wrist or even when they took the hardware out.
  3. You know it's funny, I really think local elections are just as important as the national presidential voting is. Yet it is more difficult to learn about the candidates and their platforms. Sure you see the signs planted here and there... But who are they? What do they stand for? Who the heck has time to spend at township and county board meetings to get to know the folks? Even the local media skips over anything "local". Little is ever discussed about bond issues, school millage... etc, in the local news, except that it's gonna be more ca$h outta the pocket. *sigh, I guess it's no different
  4. Ohhh my, don't laugh like that. Same thing happened to me and I can't go back to right hand "mousing". Which really bothers folks when I move their mouse around to suit me! It wasn't the two fingered typing/typos. It was the dang splint with a mind of it's own...
  5. Nice job on that site. I could recommend loading up some samples of your work and start knocking on doors. Hit some of the smaller businesses with simple, budget sites. Find a way to help them through the domain purchase and server space... I wish you and your family the very best.
  6. Ohhh man, Pete. Things here are still sliding. I see more empty commercial spaces everyday. Houses for sale everywhere, the signs are sprouting like dandelions. There hasn't been much new construction going on around here for over a year. I will say I've seen several dilapidated buildings in prime locations being torn down, but who knows whats going to happen with the lots. Road construction in the spring is a given around here. The major project was funded several years ago, adding new lanes to I-94 in six years from Battle Creek to Paw Paw. Our county does well over all, with three hospitals
  7. I have to say, this has been the most windy season I remember. As I said before, the PowCo began some serious line maintenance in Jan., after several long outages last spring/summer. I mean SERIOUS! There are Davy tree service trucks everywhere! PowCo is even running around replacing poles. It's dang well about time, as the last trimming was cursory at best. Want to rent our generator? I don't think we'll be needing it for a few years.
  8. Ha! Must be a disgruntled employee. DHL is gone from it's US operations. Nov, '08
  9. Bobby, how much RAM does your machine have? Vista is a hungry beast and will crash on you if it's not being fed lots of RAM.
  10. Am I supposed to care? Why fix it if it ain't broke.
  11. I believe I understand the "UPC/SurgeProtector" course 101. As usual, the profs at BT's are the best. Thanx all! ( no tests, please)
  12. Thanx, shanenin. It was uneventful, other than sorting out glitches in the office set up. *&%^#* Charter had our service set at one meg and we bought 7. The wireless wouldn't work, but did fine here at home. Fielded "unsolicited" sales calls on the new business number... You know, all the unfun stuff. BTW, the APC work fine at the office. The "site wiring fault" light is off. So I can assume my whole house is screwed up. :-(
  13. That answers my question. I think. No we did not plug it into a GFCI, only an outlet in the new home. One would think that the hot and neutral would be wired correctly in a newly inspected home. (I can understand in my ole house.) Tomorrow we are opening for business, I'll check the unit there. Is there a tester that would check to see if the surge protection is working? We have a nice multi-tester. Maybe the next time I make a batch, I'll freeze a few up and send them to you... Thanx for your time.
  14. You got my vote! Really neat pic! Sure didn't care much for the others...
  15. I already determined I can get a battery cheaper, and we do have an Interstate place near. My problem/question is: Does the light on mean good? Or faulty? As I said, we tried the units on a "dedicated" circuit I installed just for the computers.(own breaker) We also tried it at a new home that had it's final electrical inspection done. The GFCIs passed, so I figured the system was proper. Our new shop has one 20A circuit for our 12'x12' office. We have yet to try it there. Our Belkin and Trip-Lite(surge protectors) here at home work fine. (I think) At least their lights are lit. The Belkin
  16. We bought an APC uninterrupted power supply at a yard sale. Model # BP 650 S. Ok, it needs a battery and we're not gonna spend $70 for the APC one. It also lights up the red led, labeled: "site wiring fault" We have tried it all over This Ole House and also in a brand new house, with the same red light. Is it supposed to be lit or not? Also, even without the battery it has 3 outlets labeled "surge protected", which work. Are they protected? Can we use something like a regular battery instead of the "approved" APC branded one? Hope to find some help here folks.
  17. Yeah, if only webmasters would get off of their butts and ensure compatibility with other browsers. Too lazy, too stupid or both?
  18. Nope, they don't, and with the doggy door my kitchen is a river of mud...
  19. Tuesday Rain: early...then remaining cloudy with thundershowers developing by afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 52F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected. Tuesday night: Rain and a few thunderstorms this evening, followed by occasional showers overnight. A few storms may be severe. Low 33F. Winds SW at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall near a half an inch. All this just after the 3 days of "liquid sunshine" over the weekend. Sure wish I could teach the doggies to wipe their feets...
  20. Liz, if you're happy with your IE, stick with it. IE7 has tabs now and you can have your IE and tabs too. TheBrit is quite happy with IE7 and uses it exclusively. Why is it you haven't updated to 7 yet?
  21. What taxes? Who has jobs to pay taxes? If the top 2% (those making over 250k) paid in ALL they earn, it still wouldn't cover the debt. We Need Rich People You forget, tax me more and I'll be spending less. Who's funding TARP? CitiMortgage Who is funding things like this? Just a Sample You really need to read something other than the leaflets falling from the sky... How about Stimulate Me!