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    R = Rocko's modern life
  2. If only I transferred more money to my PayPal I would buy this. My MP3 player recently broke so I will try putting more money in my account ASAP!
  3. Simple Windows Classic with the Pyro from Team Fortress 2
  4. What magazines are you subscribed to or where in the past that you enjoyed the most? Current: PC World PC Gamer Tiger Direct (computer sales) Past: Game Informer Computer Power User Guitar World Sports Illustrated (not enough hockey!)
  5. After having my tower fan run beside my computer for nearly 2 hours nothing happend (except my cpu temp went down 7c). So I did a few things to temporary fix this problem. I figured what do I have to lose? Either it is going to be loud or I will lose the power supply. So I cut the 2 fans off the PSU and added 1 fan. 1 isn't enough I know but fans are cheap so I will buy 2 more. 1 to be added to the PSU and 1 to replace the removed case fan. My AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ has heated up from 35c to about 45c which I don't think is a danger zone (correct me if I am wrong) but enough to get me by
  6. I am using PC Wizard currently to check my temperatures but I am not sure what I should be looking for or what my temperatures are supposed to be. Any ideas?
  7. Suddenly today my power supply just started to get extremely loud. I opened it and blew out the dust but still it is just unbearable. I have had the Ultra XFinity 600Watt PSU for 6 months and it has run perfectly fine. Is it going to die on me now or could something else be wrong?
  8. Geeze... I recently read one of his books a few weeks ago too. Sad he died because now there is nothing left nobody can live up to him. He was original and always made you laugh. Why wasn't this on the news? Or did I miss it?