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    G15 Worn Paint

    A few years or more now, since then there has been a "remake" the G15 version 2 and now there is the Logitech G19 which I will buy whenever I raise the money to buy a new computer built around Windows 7 and power saving :3 The keyboard is still as good as it always has been though. Still many uses :3
  2. mewi

    G15 Worn Paint

    Heya, I also wanted to know about the toxicity, if you know this. Is there any possible health risk factors in the paint you suggest? I could probably look it up, but just in case you may know. Hmm... also regarding the hand rest ( which is just a slab of black plastic... ) do you know if it's coating that has rubbed off, or if it is smoothed out plastic from friction of my wrists? Just curious, I fix computers, but this is sort of out of my element lol. I would open a window when spraying any paint. I have never seen one of these keyboards so as for a coating I don't know. I would just
  3. mewi

    G15 Worn Paint

    Heya, I also wanted to know about the toxicity, if you know this. Is there any possible health risk factors in the paint you suggest? I could probably look it up, but just in case you may know. Hmm... also regarding the hand rest ( which is just a slab of black plastic... ) do you know if it's coating that has rubbed off, or if it is smoothed out plastic from friction of my wrists? Just curious, I fix computers, but this is sort of out of my element lol.
  4. mewi

    G15 Worn Paint

    So I have an old G15 Version 1 keyboard, I love the keyboard, the hardware is still in mint condition. However, the silver paint is not... I have some kind of an idea on how to re-paint it, but I was wondering what others may recommend? Silver Paint that will not wear from overuse of constant hand friction. As well as a semi gloss finish over the paint. Also, any recommendations on how to remove the current silver paint? Without a great deal of scrubbing that is... I'd also like to know if there is any type of coating for the handrest, as I can see marks left in it by my hands XD
  5. This is my personal design, the anime girls are not mine of course . Please let me know on what you think about the design aspects of my wallpaper, such as the things I did, not the actual anime XD My New Logon My new Desktop < Left Right > ( Third Monitor not yet purchased :3 ) =^.^=
  6. The probability that address filtering will prevent a network with WPA (or even WEP) enabled from being compromised is vanishingly small. And I see any extra step added required for an attacker is an increased step of security. I fail to see how you cannot, and you act almost as if "hackers" are going around home networks consistently trying to break in, which to be honest is so very rare in most areas that it isn't even worth worrying about.
  7. MAC address filtering doesn't improve security. It's ridiculously easy to identify and spoof an allowed address. Of course it improves security, just because its "easy" doesn't mean it doesn't improve security.
  8. Hmm, to be honest I think I'd be adding rules to prevent such threads in the future lol, you never know whether it is their "brother" they are really trying to infect, or if it is actually someone's money they are trying to steal.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't maximize work similar to "Full Screen"? So it would be difficult to move it from one screen to the other as it is docked on the primary monitor. I'd suggest just minimizing its size, then manually changing the size of the window and then moving it to the other monitor.
  10. X-Cannon, no offense but that is a violation of privacy and is highly unethical, brother or not I certainly wouldn't be spying on my siblings. Also shanenin are you sure it is wise to be supporting such things on besttechie?
  11. On that note, please know that not all older devices support WPA, and that WEP ( while it is insecure ) has a very low chance of seeing hackers, especially in the rural areas. WPA2-AES is probably the best available protocol, although 802.11i is generally needed ;p Nevertheless, for home networks security is still important, I'd suggest sticking with linksys as to avoid static IP problems ( if you have static IPs set that is ) To improve security with other devices, set a MAC address filter to only allow certain MAC addresses onto your router. Edit: Didn't see the poster's last post
  12. I have found relatively decent promotional emails from various sites I have subscribed too in the spam folder, but I don't think I've ever seen a personal one there.
  13. You know what is amusing about the name of this "Stealth Botnet" is that it is almost an identical name to Stealth Bot, a popular chat bot used to log onto servers for Blizzard Games.
  14. Icc, he said "God Help us All", just a snide joke lol. No God would help Me Lets go back to Apples... who here is an apple fan, and find their ads filled with lies and misleading information? Who here is an apple fan that thinks the whole "Apple's are more secure than windows" is based off from no factual statistics? Doesn't the evidence support to knock out the lies by Apple? If not, why do you think the evidence and stream of articles do not support this Apple product security? Also, what about the hardware, do you feel the hardware is actually superior to PC? Do you find the extreme c
  15. Since I do not know the version of your printer and have little experience with printers themselves... I do have a suggestion however that refers to networks, and the problem you are having sounds very similar to a problem I had years ago in regards to IPX Transport Protocols. My suggestion is to go to your network places > View Network connections > Right Click Local Area Connection > Properties > Click the "Install" button, find NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS, under the Protocol Section and install them on each system. Once installed it should be safe to disable "NWLink NetBIOS" ( unl
  16. That can be disputed as well! XP And I'm an atheist =3
  17. You missed the point on that one. The user-interaction occurs before the virus is present on the drive; the infection is a side-effect of automated processes (automatic network drive remounting, AutoRun, etc). You right: humans and birds have more in common than viruses and worms. "Automated"? I can't see how you can get a virus without initiating it through some form of interaction. If you are still clinging to the manufacturer of the product that led to a virus, that is user interaction. Some scum working for the product embeded a virus in the product. You have to do SOMETHING to get a
  18. Well, yes, because your definition is crazy. Everything requires some sort of user interaction. Your machine can't be infected unless you buy it, bring it home, set it up, turned it on, etc. And then discover that there was a factory-installed boot sector virus on the HDD. You could have a mapped network drive that's infected after it's mapped. People do many of the same things that birds do. People are not a subclass of birds. "factory installed boot sector" which means the person(s) using the system while it being produced are at fault, which is of course USER interaction. The virus woul
  19. Worms and viruses are separate categories. They have practically nothing in common. Boot sector viruses and AutoRun viruses. I fail to see how a Boot Sector Virus doesn't fall under user interaction. You throw in a disk = user interaction, that's just like downloading or clicking a file. This is all user interaction... Maybe our definitions of "user interaction" are different, which may cause the arguments here. and autorun... again, where is the lack of user interaction here? How can you autorun something that wasn't there unless you downloaded/went to a website/dropped a disk in your t
  20. Okay, I'm kind of tired of arguing OSX as I am sure most of you are. But I think I have a valid argument when I say, just because it has unix, doesn't mean the people building off from it are not creating various exploits/security holes for their own OS. I mean I am not arguing Unix, I am arguing OSX, I think there is a difference. Worms that travel VIA network don't require direct user interaction, but for me, user interaction is anything from logging onto a network. So we'll ignore "worms" for the time being, which is technically a subclass of a virus but I place worms in their own sepa
  21. This is what is ignorant First the definition of virus is it take no user interaction.. Conficker spreads via Microsoft Windows Server Service RPC , no user interaction need, but boot the machine, have connected to a network also since you state that you hate Mac, Then why post on the board unless you are trolling. the second part is exactly what I was posting about, its being a not appropiate target to hackers is due to a security model also lets look at the older Mac Os.. IT had viruses even though it had a much smaller user base than they do now.. simple logic.. user base has nothing to do
  22. First of all, welcome to, mewl. I am pleased that you are posting here! iccaros is an expert in many operating systems, I have known him for many years. I trust his advice as do the members of our forum. To be frank some of your comments are a bit confusing. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused, if you have a question you wish to ask me, about my previous posts, please do so and I will try to make my post(s) less confusing =3
  23. No operating system is perfectly secure. Some hardened versions of BSD like OpenBSD are quite secure. Lets say we reversed the popularity of windows and OSX, something tells me, OSX would have far more viruses than windows XP does in reality today. But who knows, you also have to calculate the difference in income, of course more money = more staff. So maybe, maybe not. But as it stands, there is no possible way that OSX is more secure than windows XP and I do love Windows XP ( nlited of course ;3 ) hmm, I love ignorance.. I love how a staff member of BT is calling me ignorant which is
  24. The subject of same-sex marriages is a highly charged emotional topic tied up with politics. We have a forum for topics such as this. In the future please post topics such as this in the World and Politics forum. Thank you. hitest I wasn't posting in regards to same sex marriage, I simply made a small statement about Apple, which this entire thread is about Apple... It was nothing to get excited over... If i wanted a political debate about same sex marriage, my post would of contained nothing about Apple, and more about same sex marriage... You are kind of stretching my one sentence, I