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I just got this strange email, and thought I would share it.

Mr.Radebe Kefu( B.Sc.,M.Sc. MNIM.)

Director, Project Implementation,

E-mail:[email protected]


I am Mr.Radebe Kefu a native of Cape Town in South Africa and the director

of project implementation with the South Africa Department of Minerals &


Resources. First and foremost, I apologized using this medium to reach you

for a transaction/business of this magnitude, but this is due to Confidentiality


prompt access reposed on this medium. I have decided to seek a confidential

co-operation with you in the execution of the deal described Hereunder for


benefit of all parties and hope you will keep it as a top secret because

of the nature of this transaction.

Within the Department of Minerals & Natural Resources where I work as a

Director and with the cooperation of four other top officials,we have in

our possession as

overdue payment bills totaling Ten Million, Five hundred Thousand US. Dollars

(US$10.500.000.) which we want to transfer abroad with the assistance and

cooperation of a foreign company/individual to receive the said fund on

our behalf or a reliable foreign non-company account to receive such funds.

More so, we

are handicapped in this circumstances, as the South Africa Civil Service

Code of Conduct does not allow us to operate offshore account hence your

importance in

this whole transaction.

This amount $10.5m represents the balance of the total contract value executed

on behalf of my Department by a foreign contracting firm, which we the officials

over-invoiced deliberately. Though the actual contract cost have been paid

to the original contractor,leaving the balance in the tune of the said amount

which we

have in principles gotten approval to remit by Key tested Telegraphic Transfer

(K.T.T) to any foreign bank account you will provide by filing in an application


the Ministry of Justice here in South Africa for the transfer of rights

and privileges of the former contractor to you.

I have the authority of my partners involved to propose that should you

be willing to assist us in this transaction, your share of the sum will

be discussed. The business

itself is 100% safe, on your part provided you treat it with utmost secrecy

and confidentiality. Also your area of specialization is not a hindrance

to the successful execution

of this transaction. Endeavor to contact me immediately through my confidential

email address above to confirm whether or not you are interested in this

deal. If you

are not,it will enable me scout for another foreign partner to carry out

this deal. I want to assure you that my partners and myself are in a position

to make

the payment of this claim possible provided you can give us a very strong

Assurance and guarantee that our share will be secured and please, remember

to treat

this matter very confidential because we will not comprehend with any form

of exposure as we are still in active Government Service . Once again, remember

that time is of great essence in this transaction. Positive response should

be accompanied with your telephone and fax number so that i can reach you

immediately with more informations.

I wait in anticipation of your fullest co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Radebe Kefu.


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I had something similar to that only the message was supposedly from Nigeria. I'm sure it's some form of scam and just deleted mine. never heard any more. Nowadays I don't even open e mails if I don't know the sender, and if they have attachments I will call the sender and ask if they put the attachment there. Once bitten and all that


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I can't remember the exact URL of the site, but there's a guy who responds to SPAM emails (which this TOTALLY is by the way) and baits the Spammers on in some way or another. He's extremely funny - anyone remember the link? I can't remember. But, yeah....ignore it.

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Let's see here if I have this figured out.

This person emails a total stranger with a suspicious offer to break the laws of at least one country if not both and thinks people will greedily fall for the suckerbait?

This admits to padding/overbilling (Stealing) a contractor, and to trying to set up an off shore hideout of the money to be paid to, (Again Stealing) and wants secrecy so as to keep his supposed job with the government that he wants to rip off. And also wants his share protected which is probably 100% of this scam and 100% of whatever he can get out of you and whatever bank account is set up???

Yep. I think I have it figured out. HA!!! :D

Crooks around the world have seen this work for the Nigerian scammers and want a piece of the action.

About the only thing honest about it is the emailer wants to steal money! :rolleyes:

And unfortunately someone somewhere will probably take the suckerbait to help him.

God bless everyone

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