My Heart Aches For My Brother And His Kids!

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Today my heart aches for my brother

June 23 2005 he lost his lover, age 32 forever

She was damn good women pleasent and kind

A husband who's 31 and 5 kids she left behind

God why did you take this wife/mother from them

As if life isn't hard enough now they have no mother or friend

Growing up with out a mother I couldn't imagine

I feel so sad for these kids I don't know where to begin

The olderst 15 (boy) graduates grade 8 Monday

The next is 7 (girl) who just started summer vacation

Now doesn't have a mother.

Then the 5 year old (boy) just starting school

Next comes the 3 year old, a boy that will never see his mother

Then the 1 year old baby boy Teagan,

Who doesn't even know is mother is leaven

Life isn't fu***** fair and believe me I know

Why God did you have to take these kids mother I will never know

I must fly home to be with my brother for comfort

He has two sister but I'm his only brother,he needs me, he's hurt

I must be there to give strenght and a shoulder to cry on

Be there for them and help them move on

Damn!! 5h1t Man!! WTF!!!

How my heart aches for my brother and his kids!!

She passed away from an Asthma attack, He tried to drive her to the hospital, she died in his arms on the way!!

RIP Betty!! You were a great wife and mother and will be missed dearly!! I love you always and Forever!! I promise to help my brother and your kids!! I promise I will be there for them and give them anything they need, anything!!

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My prayers are out to your brother and his kids. And one for you my friend. We never know what fate has in store for us, we can only travel our roads one day at a time. Please tell your brother that he has friends who care, even tho he has never yet met them. And that we will all weep for his loss.


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Somethings are not as simple as we need them to be.

Others are not as complicated as we make them.

I forget where I read this but it is often true.


I understand and know how you feel,loss of a loved one is never easy.

Please accept my condolences for your brother and family for the great loss that has been befallen them.

There is a angel that weeps with all of you and will listen to your prayer's



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Love and prayers to you and yours, my friend. Why God does unexplainable things at mysterious times is not for us to know. Please know she is in a better place and will always be with her loving family.

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Dear Tymekyller,

Every day this place makes me laugh. Today I cried. That is such bad news and my heart also aches for your brother, the kids and you.

I lost a good friend to an asthma attack--her husband was gone on a fishing trip and they fought beforehand because she didn't want him to go. He blamed himself for her attack. Please get your brother to understand that asthma is a funny disease and her attack was not anyone's fault, except for maybe the hot weather's. Shove him in counseling if you need to.

She was a mother of five, so you can bet she's going to watching down on her family. Moms don't let a little location change get in their way!

And like JSKY said, you and your brother have a lot of prayers and support in your corners.

My prayers are with you and your brothers family and some big hugs, too.



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Thank you all!!

Thank you! Thank you all!!

My heart bleeds and aches..

Tymekyller isn't one for crying, but I haven't stopped since I heard the news.

My heart aches for these poor little kids and my brother..

I'm flying home tonight (Toronto Ontario) and the Funeral I believe is Sunday...

I can only stay for a few days with him, we/Myself and my family (wife and two kids) are moving!

I was so happy two days ago thought nothing could go wrong. We live in Winnipeg Manitoba for 3years and we just had an open house 3 days ago and sold everything we owned, I have a very good job offer out in Surrey British Cloumbia and we are getting a house out there and plan on allowing our kids to grow up out there.. Winnipeg (murder Capital of Canada) is just no place for a family. I 've lived in some major cities out here in Canada, Ottowa, Vancouver, Toronto, Missisauga, and others.. Winnipeg is not a good place in my opinion.

We are going to love our new place which we are moving this July 7 2005 (in two weeks)

I will be away from these boards and my other boards I attend on for a good month or two, but will check in frequently when I can.

So I'm on an emotional roller coaster going as high as I can (feeling great about the move and starting our lives) to going staight to the bottom of the pits (hearing about my brothers wife)...Good Grief!! WTF!!

Anyways I love you's all and remeber always love and tell your loved ones how you do love them, you never know when it will be your last time to say that or kiss/hug them!

My eyes hurt from the tears but not tears of sadness about death for me, I believe when it is your time to go it's your time, nothing you can do...

But good greif, my eyes pour tears for those kids and my brother.

Myself and my mother were very close and still are, like I said I just couldn't imagine not having that motherly love! Sure fatherly love is great but something about mothers that just makes a kids feel warm and comfort...

Anyways thank you for your concerns, makes me feel better to come here and pour my heart out...

I still have a little humor in me, my freakin keyboard, I shorted out a button because a tear drop fell on it..hahaha!! I have no left alt button...

I'm going to try to get some sleep, I went to bed a 7:30 this morning and woke up at 11am, I'm exhausted and just need some sleep.. I will check in and out and let you's know how things are and what not..

This is not a thread for people to show pitty on me, but for me to say goodbye to Betty and give her the respect she deserved. This is just a tragic tragedy!!

No time in this world to hate and fight people, be with the ones you care about and love them...

Thank you and I love you all!

This tragedy sure did change my life and I'm never looking back!!

Good bye and I will keep you's updated...

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Tyme- I haven't known you long, and I don't know you as well as some of the other members on the board, but you were one of the first on the G4 boards to be really nice to me and welcome me in, and then you went and got hurt and we missed you for months...and then finally got you back and I've been gone. Anyway, I'm just saying that *I* for one don't feel pity for you - just genuine compassion for a buddy who has lost someone dear to're feeling heartache for your brother and your nieces and nephews, and that causes you pain too. It's certainly understandable, and all of us here just recognize the pain you are going through and want to offer condolences to you that you have to go through it and that your family has to go through it. Please don't take it as's a different beast.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours, that you may find your way through this difficult time and find solace and happiness on the other end of it. Hang tough my Northern Friend!

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There is nothing I can say to help you feel better. It is painful to loose someone you love.

We will be here for you, when ever you feel you need to talk.

God be with you. Take care , my friend.


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Suffering from asthma myself, I know what she has gone through with attacks. Lately I've been seeing more and more deaths caused by asthma attacks, and that scares the shit out of me.

My condolences to all the friends and family. I'm so sorry that this happened.

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this thread is so sad that it could happen to such nice and loyal people

as an asmatic my self for 25 years

i can imagine what that lady went through

i feel so sorry fOr TK



those poor wee children

please TK keep us posted as we are felling your pain with you

i hope your family are weathering under the strain

regards to your brother and kin


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Thanks you all for your support!!

Thank you all!!

Well it is 10am, and I'm on my way to the Winnipeg airport soon, plane leaves at 3:30pm.

I've been getting sick all day, I always do that before I fly. About 25 plane flights in my life and I get sick the day I'm going to fly everytime... I hate flying! I hate not having control, I don't like putting my life in someone elses hands...But it is better then taking a 36hr bus ride or even the train..

He is having 2 open casket wakes on Sunday and the funeral is Monady, I will be flying home Monday night and getting the family ready to fly to our new home In Surrey B.C July 7.....

Times are tough but I'm doing okay, this thread and seeing all the support helps..

I will be home Monday night and will bump this thread to let you's know I made it back safe and all went well...

Thanks again everyone and I'll be back on Monday night. My plane leaves Ontario (Pearson airport ) at 5:30 Ontario time and I will be home in winnpeg at 8:00...

Everyone take care and remember when ever you give your kids a hug, make it a good one, it just could be your last one!

Take Care

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Sorry to hear the bad news, Tyme.

I know a personal lose, like that, can be devastating.

I'm not very good at expressing myself in these situations.

All I can think of to say is, as long as She remains in your thoughts, and your heart, She'll never really be gone.

My condolences to your brother, his kids, you and your family.

PS: Good luck on the move.

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