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Welcome back. Youll find the bathrooms on your left and the bar two doors down on the right. Used to be an open bar, but since the managers got health coverage Jeff ran outta money... Shanenin keeps goin in for the sniffles and TTs runnin up the dental bill. Ask him to smile...

Really though, welcome back.

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OK, I don't have a cute picture like Dan does, so you'll just have to be happy with *bigwave!* and :pirate:.

Welcome back, Tjet and try not to get lost again! Oh, and if you see any alligators, just give them a peanut butter sandwich and they'll be nice to you.


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Welcome back old buddy. Good to hear from you. I am glad your doing OK and all seems well. Pop in more often, and I'll try to stop into your neck of the woods and say hi more ofter also.

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Where you Bin man??

When I go MIA, it's only for a month or so...not YEARS!!

Welcome back, Glad to have you here again (isn't it nice to have a homecoming like this?? Can't find this at most other forums eh)

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Thanks for the warm greetings eveyone.

I will not be a such a stranger in future.

Been busy taking care of my old people and spending a lot of time at another ASAP site.

The made me a globular murderater or some such.

Can't exactly understand everything those British guys say but I try. :P

I think the last time I was here the aliigators had just showed up at the bar.

Guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

Agian, thanks for the homecoming party. :thumbsup:

(hey Dan, do you really belong to every forum on the internet)

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hey tjet welcome back

whadduyer mean yer can't unnerstand them brits. If you speak english you are using our language :lol::lol:

It's not just me.

We have a guy up in Ottowa who had to pick up loose ends on his company's phone support for England and Ireland.

Thought he was up on the accents until he fielded a call from London and got an Eastender.

Said it wasn't exactly the Queen's own the bloke was talkin' :)

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