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  1. I was amazed when I visited Chicago and saw gas prices as high as $3.99...glad I don't live there anymore.
  2. Someone care to explain...I was in band for all of 18 weeks.
  3. VirtualDub is free and I've been using it for a while and I really like it.
  4. The funny thing is the first four episodes of season the new season were leaked before the season premier
  5. Its like that for everyone...try using the built in screen shot option. I dont know about DivX but VLC has a built in screen shot tool
  6. lol...well i guess if the mustang was 4WD (which its not) they would be in better shape
  7. Download VLC Meadia Player it will play ANYTHING
  8. Trillian certain types of streaming media played in both Firefox and IE (only WMP format plays) Steam chat and some others I cant remember off the top of my head.
  9. But there are still the other programs where the audio doesnt work
  10. Hello, I have a Sony PCV-RS320 and lately my audio hasnt been working on certain things. The only things the audio works on are Winamp, Windows Media Player, and VLC... it doesnt work when I try to watch streaming movies online (that dont use WMP, such as Youtube), Trillian, and Steam. I tried reinstalling the original audio drivers from the Sony support site. I dont think there have been any driver updates.
  11. Congrats...time to strart making some babies of my own