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  1. Don't know if the SCSI prob. is still there, but here is what it said (this error was after the linuxrc-start.... thing): dk
  2. Great Job Jeff!!! Really cool. Look at his profile here
  3. Why doesn't it run on SCSI!!!! :'(
  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Kat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Laptop PDA or Tablet PC
  6. cute little furry.........AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  7. I don't know what that means...and have no word to put.....but to Jennie psst..there is an edit button! dk
  8. Happppppppy Birthdayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! dk
  9. Probably: "This Feature has not been turned on. Please Contact the Administrator" Or something like that
  10. grr..... The next word: Dumb Stuff
  11. Dan

    Im New Here!

    Every welcome counts Jennie!
  12. Hi Jeff, Was wondering if you would turn on the Photo Feature? Thanks, dk
  13. Dan

    Im New Here!

    Hi! I hope that you enjoy your stay here at Besttechie! dk
  14. Acronyms....(Or however you spell it )
  15. Well, Everytime I go to a page with ActiveX or flash movies or something like that, FF always freezes.....Any solutions? dk
  16. Well, I solved the error in #privacy on Dixiesys, thanks to Tom Coyote and Jeff. Now, I can't send outgoing messages, because my ISP won't allow it...
  17. Dan

    Death Clock

    BMI? 23 Friday May 24, 2047 .....
  18. It seems like your post at TomCoyote is getting some attention. Please correct me if I am wrong. dk
  19. Dan

    Death Clock

    I want it! Compared to my pc..... j/k of course