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  1. Hey love the idea...i've donated $100....that keyboard is going to have to wait...well im donating the money 2morrow. My friend owe me $ i have $80 on me
  2. thanks man Jose a.k.a TTDO GOd bless your and yours To those in New Orleans...My prayers go out
  3. gracias...I guess I dont need a new keyboard...just a new used one
  4. Im to poor to spend 15 on a new one...Darn o well...I knew it wasnt the driver...But i was hoping i wouldnt have to spend the money....False hope i guess
  5. thanks I have school now, and so i have to go to bed around 1 am central
  6. Hey MX its TTDO ... If i get some pics of me catching...could you incorporate them in a sig...Or is this not a requst thread...either way ... ever since g4 boards i've admired your work
  7. Dvd Burner: W/e Fits your needs.... good Case: Doesnt look like good ventilation look for another *unless i missed a picture or something* CPU: Not Bad looks Good good PSU: Get a ANTEC or name brand...Getting a offbrand can cost you..Im not familiar with the one you choose. Graphics:... Still a area I havnt worked on. Wait for someone else on this DVD Good CASE Check another CPU Good PSU Check another Graphics: Not sure I feel as though im missing something
  8. Ok, its a PS2 connection multi-media keyboard. One of the shift keys doesnt work, and the numbers on the top row dont work. Can i go to device manager delete the keyboard, and then restart? Or will that completely mess it up. I think i should be able to do it, just waiting for confirmation from some of u
  9. well i installed my brother multi machine,and so i can not worry about the stand alone printer, since the scanner on the brother is working.... Thanks for the help guys. I am fine now Printer: Both up Canon and Brother Scanner: Brother Up Fax: Brother Copier: Brother I'll work on the canoscan later. Thanks
  10. I may try that later 2morrow night. I have a film to do 2morrow ( 2day) at 8 am central time. Then type up like 50 pages of notes....I'll find time... I cant believe i didnt think of that... Thanks martymas My issue is fixed...fixed...All i did was go to device the audio devices ( one with issue) choose to install driver..i'll choose from location...and there it was wow all that for nothing. Note this happened after installing WMP10...Could have been the problem
  11. sounds like something i've been saying...maybe one day i'll do it
  12. what plug? did you check the image? No nothing on mute I get This device cannot start. (Code 10) Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device. ( that not on pic)..I forgot what the exclamation meant and what the question mark etc.... Darn it has been a while for me.. This device isnt using any resources because it is having problems
  13. Tried it...I will have to stay up all night to make sure sis gets home from a party ( sick or else i would have gone) so i will have all night to mess with this...
  14. My audio was working just fine not to long ago. ( i've only had computer for 1 day since it's been fixed.) I am currently working on another issue ( my scanner) so any side help on this would be greatly appreciated. *image was tooo big* Image tells me to get old driver.... I need to find one anyone?
  15. Heh, sultan i had searched the same thing, went to a site downloaded the twain thing and nada . I went to the site ( canon) downloaded the driver and nothing. ..Sry to waste your time forgot to re-update was having fun fixing printer and other problems. So Printer fixed Scanner- The driver is wrong ( so device manager says). I will work further on this. So thanks for you help
  16. Ok, i clean installed my computer and i lost the disc for my printer and scanner. I I installed the scanner, but it said i needed a TWAIN file, and i was wondering if any of you knew what it was and where to get it. As I am typing this I believe i may have gotten the Driver to work for my printer. I will update this if it works. So I need S200 Canon driver for Windows XP, and need to know what a TWAIN file is and why my Canon D646U scanner wants it. Ok guys I got the S200 to work, I now just need to get this twain driver for my scanner. I am not that big of a virgin after all.
  17. Ok I am currenlty about to by Cameras. I know a smaller cannon Megapixel lense is better then some bigger ones Like a cannon 3.0 is equivalent to some 4.0's and some 5.0's. Well I have a $325 budget and i want Good Optical Zoom and Cannon If i can. Well I am surfing right now and have been, and will be. I just need some good links from you guys if you find good deals. ~Jose a.k.a TTDO
  18. Ok that wasnt a plee but a request. I have a $1000 budget on a laptop. I need it for wifi purposes as i am planning to get into networking. I need to know a few questions ( since i have a minute knowledge in that field). Would it be cheaper to get a laptop that has wifi built into it ( wifi capabilities) or to buy a seperate card. Also can you guys list a few good laptops in that price range. No gaming just internet, wireless, word documents, maybe a little photoshop ( when on road), chatting on aim. Jose